Sunday, November 30, 2014

DC Comics January Variant Covers - Flash Take-Over

If you have spent any time reading Comic Book Hunter & Gatherers then you know that I am a huge Flash fan. A large part of my collection and Wantlist consists of Flash related comics and collectibles. I am currently trying to complete the entire run of Barry Allen's Flash, only 35 to go.

When I heard that DC would be starting off 2015 celebrating The Flashes 75th Anniversay by doing a Flash variant cover month I was excited to say the least. Now that it is almost here I am looking forward to a big hunt for all the variants.
Each of the Flash variant covers are reimagined classic covers from comic history with the Flash inserted. Some such as the Detective Comics and Green Lantern are really great.

 To help other fans I have compiled a list of the Flash variant covers coming in January.

Good luck hunting them all down.

Justice League #38

Justice League Dark #38

Justice League United #8

Aquaman #38

Teen Titans #6

Wonder Woman #38

Superman #38

Action Comics #38

Batman #38

Detective Comics #38

Superman/Wonder Woman #15

Supergirl #30

Batman/Robin #38

Batgirl #38

Grayson #6

Catwoman #38

Harley Quinn #15

Green Lantern #38

Green Lantern Corps #38

Sinestro #9

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