Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Riddler Super Amigos Action Figure

As 2014 comes to an end and 2015 is about to begin I wanted to look at the rarest figure from the 1980's DC Super Powers line. The Riddle was never released as part of the Kenner United States line but it was released in limited quantities as part of the the Super Amigos line, the Argentinian version of Kenner's Super Powers Collection. 
Back of Card

The Riddler released in South America was a repainted Green Lantern figure that was only released in South America. The figure mold was later reused for the line of action figures called the DC Comics SuperHeroes from Toy Biz released in 1989.

When I first began collecting Super Powers figures way back in the 1980's the Riddler figure was a thing of legend, none of knew at the time before computers and the Comic Book Hunter/Gatherer blog if it really existed. At a Comic Book show towards the end of the 80's I actually saw on but it really looked like a custom made figure so I didn't buy it, price tag was a little high for the time.
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If you wanted to hunt one down today they sell for around $400 carded or about $75 loose.

So before the clock strikes midnight get out and complete or start your Super Powers Collection.

Good Luck on Your Hunt and Happy New Years!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Original cover art from Action Comics #309

The story of Action Comics #309 has been told here before, see "The Sad Story of Action Comics #309", it is just coincidental that the original cover art from the issue recently came up for auction. the original cover art features original pen and ink art by noted Silver Age Superman comic book artist Curt Swan for the Feb., 1964 issue of "Action Comics" #309 published by DC Comics. 

The cover art has been inked by Sheldon Moldoff. The cover features Superman greeting a long line comprised of his alter-ego Clark Kent (w/whom he shakes hands), Lois Lane, Daily Planet newspaper editor (and Clark Kent's boss) Perry White, Supergirl, Batman, Robin, Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kent's ex-flame Lana Lang, Legion of Super-Heroes members Saturn Girl, Element Lad and Chameleon Boy and Police Chief Parker. Clark Kent's former mermaid girlfriend Lori Lemaris is seen in a tank on the line. the issue is important from not only a comic book standpoint but also historical significance because  The issue President John F. Kennedy disguises himself as Clark Kent (as seen on cover), helping Superman retain his secret identity. The the issue hit stands just one week after Kennedy's assassination in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.  DC was unable to recall the issue, the publication and distribution process was too far along.

Cover includes the "Action Comics" title paste-over as well as "Comics Code Authority" seal. It also contains the issue number paste-overs and word balloon connected to title paste-over, as well as some sign text below title paste-overs.

The original cover art Sold for an unbelievable $112,015. I guess the historical significance was not lost on collectors. This is a historically significant piece of comic book history.

Hunting for original comic art can be both rewarding and expensive. If you have a story regarding hunting comics or comic art please E-Mail us.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Cosmo the Space Dog in Guardians of the Galaxy

It has been a little while since we added a new character to our Guardians of the Galaxy Character Guide, but it is never to late to expand our GOTG knowledge. So in today's post we look at Cosmo the Space Dog.

We see him in the Guardians of the Galaxy film as part of the Collectors menagerie. Then again in the post credit scene at the end of the film, he licks the Collectors face. You might be wondering what role has he played on the Marvel Comic Universe, hopefully this helps put the final pieces in your GOTG puzzle.

About Cosmo the Space Dog
Cosmo was a former Soviet Space Program test animal, who was launched into Earth's orbit. Sometime in the 1960's he arrived in Knowhere, became mutated and took over as the stations security chief. Cosmo has the power of telekinesis and telepathy.

First Appearance
Cosmo first appears in Nova Vol. 4 #8, in the issue Nova ends up in the Rip a place where space-time collapses at the end of the universe where the laws of physics don't apply. While there he meets Suspensor, of the Luminals. She suddenly turns into a zombie and Nova accidentally kills her. He then must flee from the other members of the Luminals at which point, out of nowhere, he sees a dog in a space suit approaching him. After petting him Nova learns that it is a high-grade telepath named Cosmo, who can even hear Worldmind. Through a telepathic connection he learns he is on  Knowhere, a city right inside the severed head of a giant Celestial. 

In Guardians of the Galaxy
Cosmo appears in a cell as part of the Collectors collection ( I've been waiting to write that), he is freed after the infinity gem explodes.
Cosmo appears again at the end of the film, post credits, he licks the Collectors face. 

So there is another GOTG character you can hunt down to add to your first appearance collection.
We will continue the guide when GOTG 2 comes out. Until then true believers read about all the other great comic related news here at Comic Book Hunter and Gatherers.

Good luck on your Hunt!

Yellow Jacket/ Darren Cross will be Main Villian in Ant-Man Movie

If you know Ant-Man in his comic book form then you know that Henry Pym becomes Yellow Jacket during his time with the Avengers. In the upcoming Ant-Man film Yellow Jacket will be the main antagonist  to Paul Rudds Ant-Man. The man behind Yellow Jacket in the movie will be Darren Cross played by Corey Stoll.

Who is Darren Cross?
Not a long history of this character, Cross only appeared in two comic book issues, Marvel premier #47 and #48.  Marvel Premier #47 was also the first appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man.

Darren Cross was the CEO of Cross Technology Enterprises. He suffered from a rare heart condition and as a result underwent a radical surgical procedure which caused full mutation of  his entire body.
The Doctor who performed the surgery on Cross was Erica Sondheim who was also the only Doctor who could save Scott Langs daughter, Cassie. 
As Ant-Man Lang battles Cross to save Doctor Sondheim, during the battle Cross has a heart attack and dies.

Yes that is the whole story of Darren Cross, so obviously the movie is departing from the comic book. 
Marvel Premier #48 - Ant-Man battles Darren Cross

You can get Darren Crosses two appearances for about $100 ungraded. So why are you sitting on your couch still get out to your local comic shop and get to hunting.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The First Appearance of Ant-Man/ Scott Lang

You might be thinking  right now wasn't the last post about Ant-Mans first apperance? Why are we seeing another post about this? Well there are actually two Ant-Mans. The first one was Henry Pym in the upcoming Ant-Man movie he will be played by Michael Douglas. You can read more about him in the postThe First Apperance of Henry Pym/Ant-Man.

The second Ant-Man, Scott Lang will be played by Pauk Rudd in the upcoming movie. This post is about his early apperances. You can find these for a bit cheaper then Hank Pyms early appearances.

First Appearance of Scott Lang
Scott Lang first appeared in Avengers #181, at this time Hank Pym had become Yellow Jacket. Lang attempts to steal Pyms original Ant-Man formula in order to save his sick daughter. When Henry Pym finds out he allows Lang to become Ant-Man as long as he promises to use the powers for good.
The issue was written by Dave Micheline with art by John Byrne.

A CGC 9.8 copy recently sold for $398. Lower grades can go for about $30, great value.

First Appearance of Ant-Man 2
One after Scott Langs first appearance he appeared in full Ant-Man costumer in  Marvel Premier #47. This issue was also written by Dave Micheline with art by John Byrne. The story begins Langs career as Ant-Man.

The value of Marvel Premier #47  is a little greater then Avengers #181. CGC 9.8 can sell for as much as $800 lower grades and ungraded go for around $70.
Original First Page from Marvel Premier #47, art by John Bryne

Both issues can be found at

Also the new Ant-Man series is set to start next month, One of the variant covers pays homage to Marvel Premier #47, see it below.

Good luck on your Hunt!

The first appearance of Ant-Man/Henry Pym

With the release of the Ant-man movie this coming year and his participation in the highly anticipated Avengers 2, Henry Pym, a.k.a. Ant-Mans early comic book apperances should become highly sought after comic books.

First Appearance of Hank Pym
The first appearance of Henry Pym occurred in Tales to Astonish #27, cover dated January 1962. Written by Stan Lee with art by Jack Kirby and  Steve Ditko. Yes the fathers of Marvel comics.

In this issue Hank Pym discovers a formula that allows him to shrink or enlarge objects. He then tests the formula on himself and he shrinks to a size that will prevent him from reversing the change. He decideds to hide in an anthill where he almost drowns. He then meets a friendly that helps him get ack to the lab and grow back to regular size. He does not become Ant-man officially at this time.

Tales to Astonigh #27 can be hunted down for about $20,000 for a near mint copy and around $1,200 in a lower grade (CGC 3 or 2). A CGC graded 9.4, the highest existing graded copy sold this past September for $75,000. This values will surely increase as the character grows in popularity.

First Appearance of Ant-Man
Hank Pym returns to Tales to Astonish in issue #35 again written by Stan Lee with art by Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby. Issue is dated September 1962.

Issue #35 contains the first appearance of Hank Pym in his Ant-Man costume. Pym again uses his serum to reduce him to the size of an ant, re-telling of story from Tales to Astonish #27. He also creates a special helmet that allows him to communicate with the ants.   Pym then gets a government assignment to create a special gas which gets the attention of enemy spies who want the formula. Pym uses the shrinking serum and helmet to get help from the ants. 

Tales to Astonish #35 can be found for much less then issue #27, it sells for around $5,000 in mint condition and in the mid-hundreds for lower grades. 

Interesting Copies of Tales to Astonish #27 & 35
Currently on eBay there are copies of both issues up for auction, these two copies are both graded and signed by Stan Lee. Tales to Astonish #27 is CGC graded 8.5 and can be yours for $25,000 while #35  is graded 9.2 with a hefty $35,000 price tag. You can view the eBay auctions for Tales to Astonish #27 and Tales to Astonish #35

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

Friday, December 26, 2014

DC Scribblenauts Series 5

The Scribblenauts continue with series 5. It continues to amaze at the number of  DC characters that are being included in the figure series. Series 5 is no different,  the World's Greatest Superheroes and Villains in Scribblenauts style. 

Series 4 contains  8 different 2 1/4-inch tall mini-figures (some rarer than others), including Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke, John Stewart Green Lantern, Alloy, Gold Flash and more! 

Fans should be happy that Swamp Things is getting some love. His title is being canceled in April, his last figure which was supposed to be in the Medicom Line was canceled. He was also supposed to be in series 4 of Scribblenauts but got pushed back to series 5, fingers crossed.

Good luck on your hunt!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Unique Batman Item Sold ay Auction - RARE LONE STAR GUN & HOLSTER SET ON CARD

If you spend anytime hunting through the auction sites sooner or later you'll come across a truly rare, unique collectible. In a recent Hakes auction a rare Batman gun was on the block.

The gun comes on a 9x14" illustrated card which features a full body image of Batman w/this gun in hand. There is also a smaller image of what appears to be Robin on the card. We say appears to be because the uniform isn't one Robin has ever worn. On the card is a set guns made in England by Lone Star, the copyright is 1966.
The gun is a 7.25" long plastic cap-firing gun that looks like a futuristic ray gun and features bat attachments on grips and separate plastic sight w/front sight being small bat attached at tip of barrel. There is also a 7.75" long vinyl-covered leather holster which comes w/original vinyl belt and metal buckle. Holster has "Batman" name in gold lettering and odd batsymbol design. 

I have never seen one of these before, it sold for a whooping  $5,692.50.  Yes wow is the word you are looking for.

Go dig your out if you have it.

Good luck on Your Hunt,

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mego Batman Removable Cowl and Alter Ego Bruce Wayne sold at Auction

Although we spent a lot of time and energy hunting at actual places, Comic Shops, Conventions and Flea Markets, we also hunt at auction sites on the Internet. Every so often we come across a unique item that catches our eye or reminds us if our childhood. I can guess if you have been collecting for a long time you have had similar experiences.
In a recent Hakes auction we came across a really cool combo, both Batman with removable cowl and Alter Ego Bruce Wayne were Mego figures I wanted as a kid. Could never find them as they were on the rare side, but none the less I wanted them. To see them both together, a great idea if you ask me brought back some fond memories.
These two figures came from the collection of Chip Kidd, who wrote the 2001 book "Collecting Batman". You can find these on page 178 and 180. 
Batman Removable Cowl
Batman is a type 1 figure, complete with removable cowl, belt, gloves, boots and cape. Released in 1972.

Alter Ego Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne is on a type 2 body with correct head with no copyright on back of neck, two piece suit, shirt w/tie and shoes. Lt. aging to outfit w/slt. tanning to shirt under jacket. A 1974 Montgomery Wards exclusive. 

Winning bid was $555.62, a bargain in my opinion.

Good luck on your Hunt!

DC Comics March Variant Covers - At the movies!

DC comics continues to provide fans with great variant cover ideas each mont. March variant covers are possible one of the best themed so far.

22of DC comics most popular titles will showcase classic Warner Brothers movie poster on thier variant covers. Okay to be clear some are classic movies, some not so much classic as iconic. The one thing that can't be disputed is the re-imagined movie posters all look fantastic.

Here is the list of comics with the movie they are aligned with. I have my favorites, I am sure so will you.

Green Lantern #40 mirrors 2001:A SpaceOdyssey

Green Lantern Corps # 40 iconic Forbidden Planet

Sinestro #11 as underrated West World ( if you never saw it rent it now)

Justice League Dark #40 a the great Bettleguise

Justice League #40 in Magic Mike (Not a Classic but funny)

Justice League Unlimited #10 it's Mars Attack ( get it Martian Manhunter)

Action Comics #40 Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure

Superman/Wonder Woman #17 a Great nod to Gone with the Wind

Batman/ Superman #20 The Fugitive (Should have been The Flash)

Superman #40 as Superfly

Supergirl #40 The Wizard of Oz

Wonder Woman #40 as "300"

Batman #40 doing his best Jim Carry as the Mask

Detective Comics #40 The Matrix (Batman is the one)

Harley Quinn #16 jailhouse Rock

Catwoman #40 Steve McQueens Bullet

Grayson #8 Enter the Dragon

Batman/Robin # 40 Harry Potter

Batgirl #40 Purple Rain

Teen Titans #8 by far my favorite, the Titans as the Lost Boys

Aquaman #40 Free Willy ( what a great idea)

The Flash #40 North by North West ( Catch me if you can would have been better)