Sunday, January 4, 2015

Exclusive Marvel Funko Pop Vinyls at Walgreens

If you have been collecting Funko's Pop Vinyl figures for any length of time then you knw that there are a bunch of exclusives throughout the line. I have spent many an afternoon searching Hot Topic, Walmart or a comic convention looking for that exclusive limited to one place. Well there is anew store in te game, get your motors ready to drive to your local Walgreens.

Yes Walgreens will be offering not one, not two but four, yes 4 exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl figures. The kicker is they are being released this month. So get familiar with your local store.

The Exclusives will be based on Marvel characters from Spider-Man.  It includes Spider-Man in Black costume, Spider-Man 2099, Venom and the Punsher. See pictures of each below.

We will update you on future exclusives.

Good luck on Your Hunt!

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