Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Mist on the Flash TV Series

If I wanted to I believe I could dedicate an entire blog to the ever expanding Flash TV universe. So many characters have been introduced in this first season that it is taking me some time just to keep up. Case in point, The Mist who appeared earlier this season on the episode "Things You Can't Outrun." You can view all the other characters in ourFlash Character Guide.

Created by Gardner Fox and James Robinson, the Mist made his first apperance in Adventure Comics #67 where he battled Starman in the story "The menace of the invisible raiders." This issue which is rare sells for around $3500.

About the Mist
The orinal Mist's name was Kyle Nimbus. He was a Canadian Army Captain who fought in World War 1. Nimbus was also a scientist. He created a device that turned his body into a gaseous form. He became a supervillain, a fought both the Golden Age Sandman and the Golden Age Starman. He also battled the modern day Starman. The Mist had two children, Nash and Kyle.

On the Flash TV Show
Portrayed by Anthony Carrigan, Kyle Nimbus/The Mist was a mob hit-man, who was charged with murder and placed on death row.  As he was being executed via the gas chamber the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, giving him his elemental abilities. He then goes on a killing spree to exact revenge on those that put him in prison,  the last attempt was on Joe West, his arresting officer. The Flash defeats The Mist after keeping him in his gas state for an overextended amount of time, weakening him to the point of unconsciousness. The Mist is then locked away in thr metahuman prison.
Anthony Carrigan as The Mist

It is really noise to see the writers of the Flash using both old and new villians in the series. Hopefully we will see the Golden Age Flash at some point.
So if you are continuing to build your Flash first appearance collection this one is both difficult to find and costly so good luck.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

Batman Entertainment Earth Funko Pop! Vinyl Exclusive

It cant be denied  that  Funko's Pop! vinyl line has been one of the most character packed toy lines to ever hit shelves. Well their new Entertainment  Earth Exclusives are sure to please Pop! Vinyl collectors and Batman fans alike.
Funko has decided to take the story from Detetive Comics #241 "The Rainbow Batman" and create not one, not two but 6 Batman figures. In the issue Batman wears 6 different colored costumes.
Detective Comics #241

Entertainment Earth will be releasing the not so Dark Knight line over the next year, the first one can be pre-ordered now over at Entertainment Earth, this one is yellow. As a true hunter you'll have to collect them all and create your own Caped Crusader rainbow, each will be 3 3/4-inches tall and each will be a different color of the rainbow.

As for me I am just hoping they add this one as a bonus. Fingers crossed.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ant-Man Marvel Selection Action Figure

Are your ready for a barrage of Ant-Man merchandise. Save your pennies so you can get all he tiny goodness. We already spotlighted the Disney Vinylmation Figures, which you can go out and hunt down today. Next on the list is the Marvel Select Ant-Man Movie Action Figure Being released by Diamond Select Toys. 
We all know Ant-Man is going to be the next big Marvel Studios film, remember Guardians of the Galaxy. This 7-inch scale figure is Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, with detailed paint applications and 16 points of articulation. The figure comes packaged in the Marvel Select display packaging, with spine artwork for shelf reference, and includes a diorama base inspired by the film. 
Paul Rudd as Ant-Man

The figure has been sculpted  by Gentle Giant! It will retail for $24.99 and will hit shelves in June.

So get your Ant-Man collection going and keep an eye out.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Royal Flush Gang appears on The Flash

First it just so happens that the Royal Flush Gang is one of my favorite villian teams. Second before appearing in The Flash episode "The Sound and the Fury" the gang appeared on an episode of Arrow episode "Legacies".  Although the Flash appearance was a short one it was good to see them wrap up the loss end from Arrow.

Created in 1966 by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky, the Royal Flush Gang is made up of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. They made there first appearance in Justice League of America #43. A high graded CGC will run you about $400, while an ungraded copy will cost you about $20. 

First Appearance
The original Royal Flush Gang was Professor Amos Fortune's childhood gang, with Fortune himself as Ace. Each member of the gang fights a different member of the Justice League, using Fortune's luck-altering "stellaration" technology to defeat them. The Royal Flush gang is finally defeated by JLA mascot Snapper Carr dressed as the Joker.
The Flash battles King in Justice League of America #43

On a personal note this issue had long been on my wantlist, I finally hunted down a nice copy at NYCC. Glad to add it to my collection. It is worth adding to your collection.

On the Flash TV Show (and Arrow)
In the Flash episode " The Sound and the Fury" the Flash captures Jack and Queen at the beginning of the episode. 
On the Arrow  episode "Legacies" where King is played by Currie Graham,  Ace is portrayed by Kyle Schmid,  Jack by Tom Stevens and Queen is by Sarah-Jane Redmond. The gang is a family of bank robbers who wear hockey masks with their respective playing card. Ace is arrested, King dies, Jack and Queen get away.

Another incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang also appeared on the greatest cartoon ever made, yes the Superfriends, more specifically the Super Powers version. Have long been hunting for a cartoon cel of their appearance.
Royal Flush Gang on The Super Friends Cartoon

It is time to start your own Royal Flush Gang collection.

View our Flash TV Character Guide to get information on all the great characters appearing on the show.

Good Luck on Your Hunt! 

Ant-Man Disney Vinylmation Figure

If you have been looking for an Ant-Man vinyl figure and can't figure out why Funko hasn't announced one yet, you are in luck. Late last year Disney released a vinylmation version of both of Ant-Man.
If you don't know what a Disney Vinlymation figure is the are similar to Pop! vinyl figures except the are shorter and have Mickey Mouse ears at the top. They have been around since 2008, all major Disney related characters have been recreated in vinylmation, including many Marvel characters.

At the end of 2014  Marvel Vinylmation released two Ant-Man versions, one of original Ant-Man Henry Pym and a variant Scott Lang version. 

These figures were limited to 2500 and could be found at D-Street in Walt Disney World and Disneyland.   This figures were designed by Thomas Scott and are priced at $16.95.
Henry Pym Disney Vinylmation
Scott Lang Disney Vinylmation

It is also important to note that a Henry Pym Yellowjacket version was released in October, 2013.

If you have a Marvel Vinylmation collection please send us a photo or a good story about hunting that special one down,

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Pied Piper on the Flash

The Flash #106

The Flash television series continues to introduce the Rogues, in this weeks episode the Flash with battle the Pied Piper. I have a feeling season 2 of the series will see all the Rogues join forces. You can read all about the other Rogues in our Flash Characters Guide

Created in 1963 by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, The Pied Piper made his first appearance in The Flash #106.  This issue is can be found in a CGC high grade for around $5,000. Lower ungraded for about $300. This issue also features the first appearance of Gorilla Grodd and Solivar.

First Appearance
The Pied Piper made his first apperance in The Flash #106 in a story titled " The Pied Piper of Peril".   Throughout Central City a number unsolved crimes occur. Finally the Pied Piper reveals himself and challenges the Flash
When the Flash arrives at one of the crime scenes, he finds Piper. Piper creates a vibratory aura with his flute, freezing the Flash in his tracks. Piper exclaims they have thirty minutes before the Flash will be released as they take off with stolen goods. The Flash vibrates his body and frees himself moments later. Flash catches up with Piper and takes him to jail. 

About the Pied Piper
Hartley Rathaway (alias Thomas Peterson) was born deaf, but he would eventually be cured thanks to research funded by his wealthy father and the work of Doctor Will Magnus. After being cured Rathaway became obsessed with sound and experimented with sonic technology. Rathaway would invent a technique of hypnotism using music and also a way to cause deadly vibrations. He soon turned to a life if crime, often battling the Flash. 

On the Flash

Andy Mientus will play the Pied Piper Hartley Rathaway in the episode "The Sound and the Fury". While working for Dr. Wells, He lost his hearing as a result of the accident with particle accelerator . He develops sonicwave weaponry in order to exact revenge on Wells by targeting The Flash.  
Pied Piper on the Flash

Pied Piper also appeared in an episode of the 1970's television series Wonder Woman. In the episode, a villain by the name of "Hamlin Rule" used a flute to hypnotize and persuade women to do his bidding. He was played by Martin Mull.
Pied Piper on Wonder Woman

Enjoy the Flash this week, but before you do search out some Pied Piper appearances. Spoiler, he actually becomes a hero when Wally West takes over the Flash mantel.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Justice League Goes Inside the NBA All Star 2015

If you didn't know the NBA All-Star game is less then a month away, February 15th to be exact. Some of you might be saying who cares, it's not like Michael Jordan is playing alongside Bugs Bunny again.
This news might be even better then Space Jam. Turner Sports and DC Entertainment are releasing a free crossover special edition comic titled  "The Justice League Goes Inside the NBA All Star 2015". The comic teams TNT’s Sports Emmy Award-winning Inside the NBA studio team , Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal  with The Justice League from DC Comics.

The 16- page limited edition comic is written by one of our favorite writers Brian Buccellato and drawn by Beni Lobel and Tony Shasteen.

It will be available for the first time at comic book stores for free  starting Wednesday, Jan. 21.

About the Issue
In The Justice League Goes Inside the NBA All Star 2015, the NBA on TNT team prepares for a rematch of their big race Johnson, Barkley, Smith and O’Neal are paired with Justice League members Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash to see who can make it from Barclays to Madison Square Garden first. Those plans are thwarted by unexpected occurrences that happen throughout the city in which the teams are forced to work together to save the day.
This issue also features special appearances by TNT commentators Marv Albert, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber and Kristen Ledlow.

So spend your afternoon tomorrow hunting this limited edition comic down.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

Age of Ultron Avengers Pop! Vinyl Figures

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is not only coming to a theater near you this year, they are also coming to your Pop! Vinyl collection.

That is right Funko is already scheduled a release of  Age of Ultron figures and surprise it's February. Yes less then a month away you can own Ultron.

The new line includes, new versions of Thor, Iron Man (Mark 43), Captain America, and the Hulk plus for the first time Hawkeye, Ultron and Vision.

No word yet if they will be exclusives or not. Can you say Hot Topis?

As soon as we know so will you. Check them out and if anyone know why there is no Quicksilver, come on already!

Good Luck on Your Funko Hunt!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy Villains - Pop Vinyl Style

If you have been reading the Comic Book Hunter & Gatherer blog then you know that we are huge fans of  the Guardians of the Galaxy both the comics and the blockbuster movie. You can read all about the characters in our Guardians of the Galaxy Character Guide .
We are also big fans of the Pop Vinyl figures, Dancing Baby Groot has to be the cutest Pop so far.
Well if you also love the movie, collect the Pop! Figures but dealt that the Guardians villains have been missing your prays have been answered. Funko is releasing the baddies of Guardians of the Galaxy this March.
The set will include Nebula, Ronan the Accuser, Yondu, the Collector and Thanos.

Nebula, Ronan, Yondu and the Collector each stand 3 3/4-inches tall but they will all cower beside Thanos.

Thanos is a towering 6-inch tall Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head. With fists clenched and an arrogant grin on his face, he’s adorned in his blue and gold armor and ready to take over the Galaxy… and rule over all of your Pop! collection. No Guantlet yet, fingers crossed the next version does.

So get out there pre-order your Villains of the Galaxy today. If you would like to share your collection you can email us at and we will write a post about it.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rainbow Raider on the Flash TV Series

Back in August I wrote also about one of DC's strangest villains Rainbow Raider, in it I wrote how I hoped that the character would appear on the Flash TV series. Well my wish came through, Roy G. Bivolo did appear on the show even if they didn't call him the Rainbow Raider, I'll take it as a win.

Here is a recap about who the Rainbow Raider is and why he should be a full fledged Rogue.

Created in 1957 by Cary Bates and Don Heck, Rainbow Raider made his first appearance in The Flash #286.  This issue is can be found for about $5. It is worth a look.

First Appearance
Roy G. Bivolo was a wonderful painter from an early age but he was also color-blind. His father could not except this for his son, so the famous optometrist created a device that would allow his son to see in full color. Upon the death of his father the device was given to Roy but it did not correct his color-blindness. These vision goggles did do was some other things like project beams of light that could become solid objects, make him invisible, blind his opponents, or affect the emotions of his opponents. Roy could no longer follow his career as an artist so  he chose a life of crime instead. He became the Rainbow Raider and joined Flash's Rogues Gallery.

On the Flash TV Series
Played by Paul Anthony Roy G. Bivol appeared in the Flash Vs. Arrow Episode of the Flash Series. He had the meta human power to control people's emotions. Sadly he did not wear the Rainbow Costum and he is called Prism instead of Rainbow Raider, true fans know who he was.

Rainbow Raider was produced as a figure for the first time in the Flash heroclix line.

You can read more about the Rainbow Raider other apperances in our last Rainbow Raider post titled DC Comics Most Colorful Villian.

Go on out there and hunt down his many appearances.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

Heat Wave to appear on The Flash TV Series

This weeks marks the return of the Flash television series from its winter hiatus. They sure are starting off with a bang as it looks like the Rogues are starting to come together. Captain Cold will be joining forces with Heat Wave. We will look at the history of Heat Wave in this post, you can read about Captain Cold in one of our earlier posts.

Created in 1963 by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, Heat Wave made his first appearance in The Flash #140.  This issue is can be found in a CGC high grade for around $2,000. Lower ungraded for about $300. This issue also features the first team-up and battle between of Captain Cold and Heat Wave.
The Flash #140 CGC graded 9.8

First Appearance
In the story titled  "The Heat is on .... for Captain Cold", Captain Cold escapes prison in order to  win the hand of "the Dream Girl". Just as the Flash is about to defeat him he is shot from behind by Central City's newest villain, Heatwave. The Flash is blasted into unconsciousness. The two villians get away and Captain Cold invites Heatwave back to his secret lair. The two makes plans to be partners until Heat Wave also reveals he is after the hand of "Dream Girl".  The two begin to battle and trying to one-up each other until they have to battle the Flash again. 
They join forces again and begin firing their weapons at the Scarlet Speedster. The Flash uses his super speed to turn the duos respected weapons against the other. Again the Flash wins.
About Heat Wave
Mick Rory was born on a farm outside Central City. There he became obsessed with fire and one night he set his family home on fire killing them. He then went to live with his uncle where his pyromania continued, he burned down another home. Rory decided to join the circus as a fire eater. Upon seeing some of the other villains battling the Flash in Central City he decided to become Heat Wave. After battling Captain Cold a couple of times he is invited to join the Rogues.
On the Flash TV series
Heat Wave will be portrayed by Dominic Purcell. He makes his first appearance, although un-seen as Mick Rory in the episode "Going Rogue". He receives a heat gun from Captain Cold, Leonard Snart,  during the final scene of the episode. The two will team up in this weeks episode "Revenge of the Rogues." It is important to note that Captain Cold is played by Wentworth Miller, he and Purcell stared alongside one another in the show Prison Break. 
Heat Wave and Captain Cold

Heat Wave was originally supposed to appear as one of the villains for the greatest carton ever made,  Superfriends series, in a group called the League of Evil. He was replaced by Captain Cold and the group was renamed the Legion of Doom. 

Heat Wave did appear on Justice League Unlimted as a member of Gorilla Grood's Secret Society in the episode "To Another Shore".
Heat Wave on Justice League Unlimited

Enjoy the Flash and ....

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

Detective Comics #140 - 1st Apperance of The Riddler

One of my favorite DC comics villians has always been The Riddler. Throughout the years I have enjoyed how the character has developed into one of Batman main antagonists.

As a result of the Riddler being my favorite villian his first appearance in Detective Comics #140 has always been a highly sought after issue. As you may know it is not easy to find. And when one comes up for sale it is usually of low quality. Only two copies have been graded over 8.0. So my search will continue.

About Detective Comics #140

Release in October 1948 Detective Comics #140 features the first apperance of The Riddler, written by the legendary Bill Finger with interior art Dick Sprang and Curt Swan, The memorable covet was done by Win Mortimer.
In the story "The Riddler" Edward Nigma is a cheating puzzle expert who becomes a costumed criminal identity for himself, the Riddler. He uses puzzles as clues for the Caped Crusader, which Batman is able to solve.  Riddler eventually leads Batman into a glass maze with a bomb inside. The bomb explodes, the  Riddler falls off a pier, leaving only a question mark behind. Batman is left wondering if his newest foe the Riddler survived.

A copy of Detective Comics #140 can be obtained in lower CGC grade for less then $1,000. Ungraded can cost a couple of hundred. The highest graded copies so far have been graded 9.4, 2 copies currently exist. One sold at auction for over $19,000. This issue is very scarce only about 40 copies have been graded.

If you have a story about Detective Comics #140 or any other comic book hunting stories email us at