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Monday, July 28, 2014

Action Comics #1 - Peanut Butter Reprint

This reprint is simlar to the NestlĂ© Quick Reprint. It was also released in 1983 but was a giveaway by Superman Peanut butter. It was released in celebration of Supermans 45th anniversary. Cover is exactly the same as the original Action Comics #1, printed on newspaper type paper and is Approximately 7 1/4 " x 10 1/4 inches.  

This reprint was a free giveaway from Superman Peanut Butter released in January 1983, it contained only the 13 page Superman story from Action Comics #1. Inside the cover is a congratulation message for 45 years of Superman. 

The back covet contained an add for Superman Peanut Butter.

Unkike the Nestle Quick reprint, We have not seen a CGC graded copy yet. An ungraded copy in near mint condition can be yours for about $200 if you can find one.
Remember to check out "Stories of Action Comics #1"

Good luck on your hunt

Hunters Showcase - Gathering of Collections

If you have been reading this blog, which I hope you have, you know that our primary focus is on hunting for comics and comics collectibles. We have dedicated space on this blog to the results of our hunts, which basically is our travels to comic conventions, flea markets, comic shops and anywhere else comic stuff is sold. You can read more on our All Hunters must Travel  page. We also focus on highly sought after comics, like our ongoing "Stories of Action Comics #1".

Here we are going to start a new feature, here at Comic Book Hunter and Gatherers we would like to showcase some of our readers spoils, share what you hunt for, what you have gathered, how you display your collection or results of your best comic hunting trip.

So we want you our loyal readers to share with us. We want to know about you.
Email us

We will break the ice with this feature by showcasing my own collection.
Trade Paperbacks and new comics

Hunter Showcase

I have been collecting comics and comic related collectibles for a good part of the last 35 years. Over that time the focus of my hunting trips has changed as the places I hunt have also.

Conventions and shops used to be much different then they are now. Conventions weren't as big and consisted of mostly comics while comic shops sold pretty much only comics. Collectibles were usually found in toy stores.
Flash toys

Today my hunting trips focus mainly on Flash comics and collectibles, late 1980/ early 1990's titles (such as Justice League America and Europe, Firestorm, Green Lantern and X- Force),  Late 1970's Marvel titles (Power Man & Iron Fist, Invaders, Defenders etc.) and Justice Unlimited Figures.
My Flash Figure Collection

I go to as many comic conventions as I can both big, like New York Comic Con ( was at the first one) and Small like the Asbury Park con (@Asburycomicon). The thing I enjoy most is going to the conventions with my two daughters, they also hunt for comic related stuff. There is a method to a successful hunt at a convention you can read all about it HERE.

I also go to comic shops anywhere I am no matter what else I am doing. I enjoy the differences in each one.

I am always looking for low #ed issues of The Flash (only need 30 more) and trying to complete the Justice League Unlimited action figure collection. The JLU stuff holds a special place because me and my youngest daughter collect them together. It's always a special event when we put another figure on our shelf. It's our trophy ceremony.

I really enjoy the thrill of the hunt, it's a great feeling when you find that special piece you have been looking for. This in its essences of why we all collect.

So hopefully you get the picture here so take some photos and send us some information about your hunting. Email us at, we may have questions to clarify your information.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ronan the Accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is almost here and to celebrate the theatrical event here at CBH&G we are going to be looking at the first appearance of characters in the movie so you can go out and hunt these down.
We start with one of the villians the Guardians will face, Ronan the Accuser made his first appearance in Fantastic Four #65 which can be hunted down for about $250, high grade can cost you about $2,000. Worth it for this super villian created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

About Ronan

Ronan is a member of the alien race called the Kree. he is a member of the Accuser Corps, who are like our military governors.  The Supreme Intelligence appointed him "Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire," so he took the name "Ronan the Accuser".

First Appearance
In Fantastic Four #65, Ronan the Accuser is sent to investigate the defeat of the robot Sentry-459 by the Fantastic Four. You can guess what happens next, the Fantastic Four wins, so the Kree Empire decides to spy on and assess Earth.

In Guardians of the Galaxy
Lee Pace of  Pushing Daisies fame will play the role of Ronan the Accuser, who will be leading  the hunt for Starlord and the mysterious orb (Infinite Gauntlet Gem) he has stolen. The main villian in the movie. 

So why are you still sitting there reading this post, get out and start hunting for your copy of Fantastic Four #65 along with other Guardians of the Galaxy characters first appearances.

Good Luck on Your GOTG Hunt!
# jointhehunt

Pep Comics #22 - 1st Appearance Archie

We spend a lot of our postbspace here at Comic Book Hunter and Gatherers spot lighting Superhero related comics and the occassional zombie title. this post will break away from the norm, we will be looking at one of the most popular characters to ever appear in comics, his popularity has stayed strong for almost 70 years, this includes the rough years for comics when Superheroes were be attacked by the US Government. Of course we are talking about the one, the only Archie Andrews. 

We will look at the extremely rare first appearance on Archie, which also included Jughead and Betty, Pep Comics #22. The cover of Pep Comics #22 features the MLJ patriotic hero, the Shield, along with the Hangman as the a giant boot of tyranny from crushing America. This issue actually hit new stands in December of 1941, the same month Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. 
The key to this issues importance is not the heroes but the first appearance of Archie Andrews. In this issue Archie does not appears as the teenager we have all come to now, he is shown as a young  boy who barely comes up to his father's waist. In the story,  Archie rides a bike and goes to a carnival with Jughead and Betty, both are also young children. Archie and his friends would quickly jump to their teenage years and take over Pep Comics.

It wouldn't take long for Archie to become so succesful that the publisher of Pep Comics, M.L.J. would abandon superhero comics altogether. They would produce comics relating directly to Archie and his friends, these comics would become a reflection of teenage life from the 1940's to today, changing as the times changed. 

It is believed that only a few dozen or so copies of Pep Comics #22 still exist, only 6 have been graded by the CGC. This makes it one if the number one hardest Golden Age issue to find.
The CGC graded 5.0, shown above, sold for $50,000 an amount sure to continue to go up as collectors realize the scarcity of this key issue.

There are very few characters that have been as popular for as long as Archie and his gang. The first appearances of these other characters have realized some astronomical prices, Pep Comics #22 has not yet gotten to that level but it should be ranked with Action Comics #1 and Amazing Fantasy #15.

So if you can find one of these and you have a couple extra thousand dollars laying around buy it, this will be difficult as very few issues come up for sale. Yes it will be a good hunt.

If you have any comics you would like us to spotlight please Email us.
Good luck on your hunt!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Action Comics #1- The eBay Copy

Nicolas Cage Copy

We continue our "Stories of Action Comics #1" with coverage of an upcoming graded CGC 9.0 that
 will be auctioned on eBay next month. You can view the countdown Here.

The comic is part of a large Pristine Auction consignment with part of the proceeds going to the Christopher Reeves foundation. Christopher Reeve is the actor who played Superman in the late 1970/ early 1980's.

So what does all this mean to us comic hunters? If you sign up to be pre-qualified for the monumental auction and have an extra couple of million bucks sitting around you to can own a mint copy of Superman first appearance in Action Comics #1, the most famous comic ever made.

Experts are predicting that this copy will sell for around $3 million, keep in mind that the Nicolas Cage Copy also a CGC graded 9.0 sold for $2,100,000 in 2012. Since that auction hosted by ComicConnect the Comic market has exploded. Prices being realized for lesser known comics has increased steadily and high graded comics have become long-term investments.

So what are you waiting for sign-up to get Qualified and when you win the Action Comics #1 send us  a picture and we will tell your story, you can Email us. If you have a picture of any key issues send us a picture and we might tell your story.

Read the other "Stories of Action Comics #1" by clicking HERE

Good Luck on your Hunt!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Detective Comics #27 - The Pinnacle Hill Copy

Over the last couple of weeks we have provided "Stories of Action Comics #1" which focuses on specific copies or reprints of Supermans first appearance. A single copy of Action Comics #1 sold for over $2 million dollars, the highest price for a comic book ever. Right behind the copy of Action Comics #1 is the Pinnacle Hill copy of Detective Comics #27, the first appearance off Batman.  (You can read more about it in our previous post The beauty that is Detective Comics #27)

The Pinnacle Hill copy of Detective Comics #27, which is CGC graded 8.0, sold at auction in February 2010 for $1,075,500. Heritage Auction Galleries sold the copy to anonymous collector.
It is believed that the seller had bought the Batman comic in the late 1960s for $100. That is a pretty good profit. 
Based on the increased auction prices being realized for these higher grade key Golden Age comics we can expect more stories such as this. So keep your eyes pealed for a copy of Detective Comics #27 you really never know where one will turn up,  remember a copy of Actin Comics #1 was found in a wall.

We will be looking at other important copies of Detective Comics #27 in future posts so click follow us on the side panel to,keep up with our reviews.l

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

Comic Shop Review - Hypnotronic Comics, NY

Sometimes when you walk into a comic shop for the first time everything just looks right. When you first enter Hypnotronic Comics located on Staten Island, NY, you know you're  in one of those rare comic shops. The kind of shop that has old and new comics and toys, rare items along with the stuff you see everyday. The walls are covered in toys from days gone by.

Hypnotronic is the kind of comic shop where you know the owner puts great care into it and it's not hard to tell that they are collectors as well as dealers. If you have been buying comics for any length if time you know what we mean. If you are new check out Hypnotronics and you'll see what we mean.

Some of the items were just really cool to see, like the old Superman squeaky doll.

Or the They Live mask. Still Rowdy Roddy Pipers best work, well except for Wrestlemania 1.

So how is Hypnotronic Comics in way of huntability. You might guess already what we are going to say.

Comics- A nice selection of back issues ranging in price from $2 and up, most of the bins are $4 ans up. The up was some really good deals on key issues on various titles. Picked up two Old Justice League of America issues #121 and 147. They also had a wall full of new issues, all the titles you would want. Plus they have an old spinner rack, rarely seen in comic shops any more.

Toys - The best part of Hypnotronic Comics is their selection of toys, many older action figures and other items. It always impresses us when a toy store has carded toy biz figures from the early 1990's. they also had a box of old wrestling figures. If you collect toys you should take a trip here, it is walking distance from the Staten Island ferry and well worth the trip.

Other stuff - The shop also had a strong focus on horror related collectibles, many masks and statues. You can also get books (comic related), t-shirts, buttons, key chains, cards and almost anything else you would want.

Comic Shop Grade = A

For a small shop they packed a lot of comic and collectible punch. Reminded us of one of the old school comic shops, a mom and pop type store where care goes into everything they sell and do. The inventory was representative of items from all eras of collecting. They had the first tower of Funkos i have ever seen. Basically visit here when you get a chance, you are sure to find something to add to your collection.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!