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Monday, September 1, 2014

Freddy Funko SDCC Deadpool Exclusives

Freddy Funko Deadpool Grey Variant limited to 24

If you collect Funko Pop Vinyl! Figures you may or may not be aware that Funko has a mascot that they often use for Convention exclusives. Freddy Funko has appeared as many different heros, including Batman, Superman and Ghist Rider. Most of these Freddy variants are very rare and sell for extremely high prices. Search eBay for Freddy Funko and you will be shocked.

This past year at San Diego Comic Con Funko had limited edition Freddy Funko as Deadpool. Two of these figures were limited to 24 pieces and are currently selling on eBay for over $1,000. Yes one thousand dollars for a Pop Vinyl figure. I collect Pop Vinyl and suprise there are no Freddy Funko version, one day I will hunt one down for a reasonable price.
Freddy Funko Deadpool Orange Variant limited to 24

If you collect Pop Vinyl! or Deadpool I truly hope you can find one of these,mid you do email us and tell us your story

You can email us any of your successful hunting stories, we love hearing from our readers.

Good Luck on your Funko hunt!

Marvels 75th Anniversary Deadpool Variant Covers

Deadpool #36

To celebrate their 75th Anniversary Marvel Comics will be producing Deadpool variant covers for a number of their titles, see list below. I really like the Rocket Racoon variant as it pays homage to the first appearance of Groot from Tales to Astonish #13.
These variants will not be easy to find, so start your search early, get in touch with your local comic shop to reserve what you can. They will be hitting shelfs in October.

  • All-New Ghost Rider #8
  • All-New X-Men #33

  • Amazing Spider-Man #7
  • Avengers #36
  • Black Widow #11
  • Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1
  • Captain America #25
  • Deadpool #36
  • Guardians 3000 #1
  • Hulk #7
  • Inhuman #7

  • Ms. Marvel #9
  • New Avengers #25

  • Nova #22
  • Rocket Raccoon #4

  • Secret Avengers #9
  • She-Hulk #9
  • Spider-Man 2099 #4

  • Uncanny Avengers #25
  • Uncanny X-Men #27

We are big fans of variant covers as we believe it give multiple opportunities for artists to display their craft. 

Hopefully you will be able to hunt them all down.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Action Comics #1 - USPS Reprint

In previous posts we have looked at other reprints of Action Comics #1 you can view these in our "Stories of Action Comics #1". This post looks at the 1998 United States Postal Service reprint of  Action Comics #1.

This reprint was issued by the US Postal Service on September 10th 1998, to coincide with the release day of the Golden Age Superman commemarative Stamp. The stamp is affixed to a special cover overlay, and cancelled in Cleveland Ohio, home of the creators of Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster.

This reprint consisted of all 52 pages from the original release of Action Comics #1. The back cover contains  an advertisement for DC comic stamps.

It was originally sold for $7.95 but today prices are range from $50 to a couple of hundred for a CGC high grade copy.

If you can find one of these reprints for a reasonable price by all means buy it. This reprint continues to increase in price.
CGC Graded 9.8

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

Skottie Young Marvel Baby Variant Covers

Marvel has been using Skottie Young Baby Variant covers to increase sales on some of their titles and each time it has worked. These variants have become bought highly sought after and each has increased in value.

Marvel is releasing some more Skottie Young Baby Variant covers in upcoming months, all are variants of issues #1's.. So start your hunting for these often hard to find variants.

Along with the variant shown above for Death Of Wolverine: Logan's Legacy #1, the following two baby variants will also be available.

Thor #1

Angela: Asgard's Assassins #1

Friday, August 29, 2014

Captain America Limited Edition Retro-Action Figure Set

Seems like Mego figures as we knew them in the 1970's are making a big comeback, DC comics has had almost the whole line plus new editions released this past year. Now we get a special limited edition Captain America 3-pack to hunt for.

This retro action figure set includes Cap’s 1970s Mego costume, a slightly more modern and realistic costume, a military uniform, and three interchangeable heads that let you switch between Captain America and Steve Rogers. Other accessories include interchangeable hands, a classic circular shield, the original badge-shaped shield, and a booklet on the history of Megos, all bundled in a reproduction window box.
The set will be available March 2015 but it can be pre-ordered now for $69.99 at Entertainment Earth.

Good luck on Your Hunt!

Linda Park on new Flash TV Series

First I am a huge Flash fan , the character is the focal point of my comic book collecting, hunting, gathering and everything in between. Second I have not been closely following the news of the new Flash TV series because I felt all the show was so far away, now that summer is almost over and Fall is nearly here I started watching some of the promos.  I caught the recent Weather Wizard one and was very happy to see Linda Park as a news reporter.

You might ask why was I happy to see Linda Park as opposed to the Weather Wizard or any of the other characters. Answer is simple, one of favorite runs of The Flash was when Wally West took over for Barry Allen and he developed, over time, a romantic connection with Linda Park. To me it was the essence of what made the series great. I wouldn't give to much away to those that haven't read them yet. If you haven't get out there and pick up volume 2 of the Flash series ASAP.

Okay so more about Linda Park as this is why you are here, is it not?

Linda Park made her first appearance in The Flash Volume 2 #28, she was created by William Messner-Loebs. You Canuck up her first appearance for around a dollar. The Wally West Flash series is worth taking a look at, it ran longer then any other Flash series.

About Linda Park
Linda Park was a reporter for Keystone City she regularly cover the Flash and at first really didn't like Wally West. As time went on the two fell in love, were married and had twins.

On Flash TV Series
Linda Park briefly appeared in  the second season Arrow episode "Three Ghost," played by Olivia Cheng. The episode also features Barry Allen rather than Wally West. She is shown on television reporting on the particle accelerator that will ultimately give rise to Barry's fateful lab accident.

So In the comics Linda Park is Wally West wife and mother of his children, hopefully her appearing on the new Flash series means that at some point we will see WallyWest, fingers crossed.

You have a little more then a month before the series starts get out and pick up some Flash comics and keep your eyes out for all the collectibles that will be hitting store shelfs.

Good Luck on your Hunt!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Detective Comics #27 - Bob Kane File copy

Recently we chronicled the Bob Kane File copy of Batman #1 being auctioned by ComicConnect (Batman #1 -Bob Kane File Copy). In that same auction ComicConnect also included the Bob Kane file copy of Detective Comics #27 in their current auction.

As you know Detective Comics #27 is one of the rarest, most sought after comic books ever made. It contains the first appearance of Batman. A copy of it sold a couple of years ago for over $1 million.

The Bob Kane/DC File Copy
Currently ComicConnect, the worlds best online comic auction house, has the copy of Detective Comics #27 used for reference by Bob Kane and DC comics. The low grade given to the issue is a result of it being included in a bound volume at DC offices. You can see the bounding holes along the side.

This issue comes from Batman creator Bob Kanes personal collection. Mr. Kane later gifted his bound volumes to DC comics which they used as their file copy. So what does this bound file copy all mean? Basically this is the specific copy of Detective Comics #27 used first by Bob Kane as a reference point for future work and then held in the DC files as a reference for all later Batman creators. It also means that because it was in a bound volume for so many years it retained much of its color. This copy is all sorts of cool, it was used by Bob Kane the creator and then possible by everyone who worked on Batman for many years after Mr. Kane. It is a one of a kind copy.

This unique copy was up for auction in August, but did not meet the reserve price, I would expect it to come up again or call them an offer some cash for it, ComicConnect Detective Comics #27

You can also call on ComicConnect Batman # 1 Bob Kane Copy, as it to did not meet its reserve. What a dynamic duo that would make to any collection if you could buy both.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!