Monday, June 30, 2014

Rennigers Flea Market - On the Hunt in Florida

If you ate a true hunter/gatherer you are always on the look-out for things to add to your collection. This week we are blogging from Melbourne Florida. Our first stop on the hunt in Melbourne was the Rennigers Flea Market.

Flea markets are a great place to get some REAL deals. I mean some old items cheap or some items you never knew existed at a price you can't believe.

At Rennigers we found vendors with dollar comic boxes and toy dealers with dollar bins. There were about 40 dollar boxes filled with comics from the 1990's. There were about 10 toy dealers along with many other dealers that had a couple of toys scattered on their table.

We ended up spending about $25. Walked away with 21 comics to add to the collection, a Captain Cold happy meal toy and 3 DVD's. My daughter, who is turning in to an excellent hunter, bought some Star Wars figures and costum badges from here favorite shows.

Run down of what we picked up in the dollar bins:

Cable #1 (1993),  Guy Gardner Warrior #15, 26, 30, 35 (1993-1995),  Justice League America Vol. 2 #60, 88, 107, Annual 6 (1992-1996), Legion of the Superheroes #288 (1982), Elongated Man #1, 2 (1992), Mister Miracle Vol.3 #6 (1996), Salvation Run #2, 6, 7 (2008), The New Teen Titans #14 (1985), Lobo #1 (1990), Brigade #1 (1992), X-Force #2 (1991), Invaders #2 (1993)

As I have mentioned many times before I enjoy the humor that was found throughout DC comics in the early 1990's, so I picked up the Elongated Man issues, which I didn't even know existed and the Guy Gardner Warrior ones, I have started putting this run together.

Was able to fill in some more of the Justice League Vol. 2 run. I just figured it is so closely related to the Justice League Europe( lots of crossovers) that it just makes sense.

Cable #1 and Lobo #1 seemed like steals for a dollar. Both characters were very popular in the mid-90's. I think of these as key issues during comics big boom. Both heroes are in that gray not really a hero but not a villain area.

The New Teen Titans issue is a Crisis tie-in. Crisis of Infinite Earths was one of my favorite DCU events, it changed the complexion of the entire universe. Some heroes died others were elevated to stardom. If you never read it pick it up next time your shopping. I am looking for all the cross-over issues.

Salvation Run stars the a Flashes rogues and I have been on the look out for the 7 issue limited series.  I highly recommend it if you are a fan of the villains.

 X-Force is filled with Rob Liefeld goodness. I really enjoyed the art back when these first came out. such detail. I also recently picked up a copy of issue #1 at Special Edition:NYC. Think I might piece together an entire run. Plus X-Force #2 is the second apperance of Deadpool. We all love Deadpool.

Same goes for the Invaders, I picked up a copy of #1 recently so why not start another title search, one book at a time.

I has never heard of the Brigade but it has. Liefeld cover and looked like one of the great attempts at heroes by Image. We'll get deep into Image in a future post.

Finally the Legion of the Superheroes was just because. Never read the title but have heard so many good things about it. Time to give it a try.

We also picked up three DVDs for .75 each. Batman Begins, Catwoman and the Hulk. We are planning on watching every Superhero movie ever made this coming summer. We are starting with the 1966 Batman and ending with Guardians of the Galaxy. We will be creating a video blog to give our reviews so keep an eye out for more updates.

Good luck in your Hunt

San Diego Comic Con Exclusives - Monogram International

I really should start titling these post, "Why SDCC exclusives kill my wallet each year?" Monogram International has a bunch of exclusives for SDCC.

If you recall we reported a couple of days ago that Action Figure Express would have a Flashpoint paperweight exclusive at SDCC, turns out they are releasing it in conjunction with Monogram International.

Monogram international is also releasing an additional 4-piece DC heroes paperweight set. This one will include Superman, Batman (different then Flashpoint one), Wonder woman and the Joker. Priced at $100, it will also be limited to 1,000 pieces. Each bust measures 5.25 inches tall. You can walk away from SDCC with 6 DC Universe busts- Awesome!

Monogram international will also have a tree piece Incredible Hulk vinyl bank set, the set includes Green, Grey and Red versions of the Hulk. It is limited to only 200 pieces and can be picked up at booth #3645. Who doesn't want a RULK bank in their collection?

I can pretty much guarantee that there will be more exclusives news in the next couple of days. Time to take out a loan or sell a kidney. Anyone know what I can get for a slightly used kidney these days?

Enjoy your hunt!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Favorite Russian Superhero - Rocket Red

On a recent hunt at Special Edition- NYC I had Keith Giffin sign a copy of Justice League Europe #1. The Justice League Europe roster of heroes was an excellent mix of personalities which of
throughout the series led to comedy. One of the most interesting characters and my favorite
Russian was Rocket Red.

Rocket Red from the Justice League Europe run was Dmitri Pushkin who was Rocket Red #4. He formed a connection with Buddy Baker, Animal Man, during his time with the JLE. Dimitri was the only European on the team initially. He retired from the JLE for a many year before coming out of retirement and being killed in The Omac project. Rocket Red self-destructed in-order to save the other members of the old JLI. His last words to Booster Gold were "My wife and children, Michael ... tell them I love them." He came back as a Black Lantern during the Blackest Night story arc.

Along with appearing in comics Rocket Red was also on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon and had an action figure as a result.

If you are a fan of the greatest Russian hero go hunting for Rocket Red in the pages of Justice League Europe and also Captain Atom Annual #2 (1988), Booster Gold (vol. 2) #20 (July 2009), Blackest Night #3 (September 2009), Justice League: Generation Lost #4, 8, 21, 24 (2010), Justice League International (vol. 3) #1, 5, 7(2011) 

Good luck on your hunt comrades!

Sunday Salute to the Troops- World's Finest #8

Each Sunday we will look at an issue that in some way pays tribute to the troops. This week we look at the issue I personally think of when I imagine a comic book cover that was created to salute the troops- World's Finest #8.

Released on October 39, 1942, which was right smack  in the middle of World War II, this issue of World's Finest does contain a couple of stories that directly relates to the troops overseas and one fantastic cover that advised those of us who were still at home to buy War Bonds. The cover shows Batman, Superman and Robin inside a stand handing out war bonds to a group of boys.

If you haven't heard of war bonds before, War bonds are debt securities issued by the government to finance military operations and other expenditure during World War II and at other times of war. Basically the government is asking civilians to help finances of the war effort. During World War II
Bond rallies were held throughout the country with famous celebrities, and comic books were used to reach out to children to also play their part in helping our troops. A true sulfate to the troops. Over the course of the war 85 million Americans purchased bonds totalling approximately $185 billion.

DC comics played a large role in helping sell War Bonds, they used many of their most popular characters in the effort. The cover of World's Finest #8 is a prime example. 

If your ever on the hunt for this issue, which original sold for .15 on the newsstand, it will cost you based on recent sales between $400 and $600. 

The issue contains 11 separate stories. 1. Talent Unlimited (Superman) -- 2. Tanks For The Memory (Drafty) -- 3. The Magic Lantern (Zatara) -- 4. Private Pete -- 5. Stripesy, Solo Sleuth Inc. (Star Spangled Kid and Stripesy) -- 6. The Luck of the Lepparts (Boy Commandos) -- 7. The Unluckiest Man In The World (Green Arrow) -- 8. The Minuteman Answers the Call -- 9. Smoked Out -- 10. A Double For Trouble (The King) -- 11. Brothers In Law (Batman)

I includee an image of the first page of the Boy Commandoes story the Luck of Leeparts because it was done by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, two kings of the comics.

Good luck on your hunt.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My favorite Comic book covers - Avengers #214 & #196

I have been collecting comic books for over 35 years. Throughout those years I have owned some comics that standout based on their cover art. Avengers #214 & #196 are two such comics.

As a kid Avengers #214 was one of  my prized possessins. It contained Ghost Rider and Angel battling each other while the Avengers try to capture the Ghost Rider. I really like how the over shows Ghost Rider attacking Iron Man. This issue was release in December 1981, I purchased it off a spinner rack on a visit to my local drug store. I recently repurchased the issue while on a hunt in New Jersey.

Avengers #196 also had an awesome cover. The new villain Taskmaster graced the cover. I had no idea who he was but he looked awesome, he still remains one of my favorite villains in the Marvel Universe. The Taskmaster origin is told in this issue and it is his first full appearance. 
Taskmaster can duplicate the powers of the Avengers, he has a shield like Captain America 
and bow and arrows like Hawkeye.

I am still looking to repurchase this issue which I original hunted down back in June 1980 
for .40( cover price)

When I was a kid the cover played an important role in comics I purchased. The Avengers 
always seemed to,have cool covers.

I will be sharing more cover stories in future posts.

Enjoy your hunt!

FunKo Fabrikations - Awesome new line, Batman, Harley Quinn and Deadpool

Funko has release another new, soon to be a hit, line of figures called Fabrikations.
The line which was released on June 25th starts off with Batman, Harley Quinn and Deadpool.
Each figure features a rotating head and vinyl accessories and were created with the collector in mind. Each Fabrikation Soft Sculpture is filled with a dense foam to achieve a high-end lush feel and weighted to allow each figure to stand securely. Easy of these figures sport designs  that would be familiar to collectors of Funko's fan-favorite POP! Vinyl Figures line. 

Deadpool comes with his dual swords, Batman had a batarang and Harley Quinn has her hammer.

I can understand why Funko is starting the line with Batman and Deadpool, two just highly popular characters that look great as Fabrikations figures. The inclusion of Harley Quinn further confirms how popular this character has become. My guess is Joker will follow, keep an eye out.

Good luck in your hunt!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday Whacked Comic Cover - Action Comics #457

The cover of Action Comics #457 proofs that sometimes no one looks at the context contained within a cover before it is released.

Really what was DC comics thinking when they put this on the newsstand back in March,1976. A little boy crying in his bed with Superman undressing behind him. Huh, what was cover artist Bob Oskner trying to covey with this image?

The story by Jerry Conway is about Pete Ross’s son is dying of a disease and has lost his will to live. Superman tries to help young Jon Ross but telling him what he most wants to know, which is the Man of Steels secret identity. only problem is Jon won’t believe that the Man of Steel is really Clark Kent.
Sounds like a heartfelt story with one whacked cover. 

Add this one to your collection, sure to be a conversation piece.

Enjoy your hunt! Tell us when you have found what you are looking for.


San Diego Comic Con Exclusive - Action Figure Xpress Bearbrick Green Lantern and Joker

Yes, there are more exclusives for San Diego Comic Con from Action Figure XPress. This time it's Green Lantern and Joker bear bricks. They are each limited to 1,500 and cost is $14.99 each

These two are exclusive to the SDCC but they have a limited number that can be pre-ordered for delivery. What this means is you can get these even if you can't make the con, just do it soon.

You can order them using the links below. Do it now!
Green Lantern Be@rbrick

Joker Be@rbrick

Be@rbricks have become very popular over the last couple of year and are awesome collectibles. They have released 3 different Batmans, Robin, Superman, Plastic Man, Cyborg Riddler and an actually Green Lantern lantern. I like that they use the old Super Powers cards and images.

Hunting on the web is a modern day method of hunting. It is much easier then actually going somewhere to hunt things down, but very effective.

Good luck on your hunt!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive - Action Figure Xpress

As we get closer to SDCC more vendors will be announcing their show exclusives.

Action Figure Express announced they will have a 2-Pack Flashpoint paperweight set which includes busts of Batman and Reverse Flash. Each bust  measures 5.25 inches tall, the set is limited to 1,000 pieces.

The set is pick-up only at SDCC booth 3345. It can be preordered today for only $50 at
Action Figure Xpress pre-order Flashpoint bust

More SDCC news to come....

If any West Coast fans are looking to trade I want some of the SDCC exclusives and will trade for upcoming NYCC exclusives. email at Hunters helping hunters.

Good luck on your hunt!

San Diego Comic Con Exclusives- Funko Pop Vinyl White Lanterns

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is only a month away but word is already spreading on the exclusives that will be available at the Con of cons.

First up, which many collectors are interested in already, are the Funko Pop! Vinyl White Lantern Superman and Flash. Both are taken for the pages of the Brightest Day story line from a couple of years back, before the new 52 relaunch (B52). Both characters appear as White Lanterns and they look pretty awesome!

Funko has used these types of variants before as part of their exclusives. They had a Blue Lantern Flash and a Darkest Night Batman recently.

The good and the bad:
The good if you go to SDCC you can pick one of these up at a reasonable price.
The bad if you can't make it, like myself, plan to pay good money for them, as has been the case in the past.

Along with the regular issues of these two there will also be much rarer glow-in-the-dark version on sale. More information to come.

Good luck in your hunt!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Justice League Unlimited Action Figure Checklist - The hunt to complete a great toy line

As a fan the hunt is not always for comic books, we also hunt comic related items. One of our long term hunts has been figures from the Justice League United line. This DC universe line was based on the cartoon by the same name which ran from 2004 to . This was one of the most comprehensive lines ever released by DC.
The line contained the most popular characters like Superman and Batman but also many uncommon figures and variants based on the cartoon, such as Mister Miracle and Wildcat.

We are always on the hunt for these no matter where we are, comic cons, hobby shops, toy stores, garage sales and even Target. Recently shopping in Target we found an unopened Yellow Lantern Sinestro. The cashier and manager had no idea how much it was, apparently it was to old to still be on the scanner records, so they charged us $2. Always look around, no matter where you are. Treasures are everywhere.

Here is the full checklist for Justice League Unlimited:

Justice League Unlimited

Series 1 - 2004


  • Batman (tech suit w/gas mask)
  • The Flash (tech suit)
  • Martian Manhunter (translucent)
  • Superman (tech suit w/kryptonite)
  • Wonder Woman (yellow choker/bracelets w/plastic lasso)


  • Batman, Elongated man, Hawkgirl
  • Superman, Martian Manhunter (translucent), Brainiac
  • The Flash, Dr. Fate, Green Arrow

Series 2 - 2004

  • The Atom
  • The Flash (damaged uniform)
  • Green Lantern (circuit uniform)
  • Superman (damaged uniform)


  • Amazo, Star man, Superman
  • Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman
  • The Flash, Green Lantern,Red Tornado

Series 3 - Spring 2005

  • Batman (damaged uniform)
  • Brainiac
  • Dr. Fate
  • Green Arrow
  • Hawkgirl (black damaged uniform)


  • Atom Smasher, The Flash, Green Lantern
  • Booster Gold, Superman, Martian Manhunter
  • Hawk, Dove, Wonder Woman

Series 4 - 2005

  • Amazo (gold)
  • Anti-Amazo Flash
  • Anti-Amazo Superman
  • Starman


  • Aztec, Superman, Sinestro
  • Metamorpho, Batman, Wildcat
  • The Flash, Hawkgirl, Waverider

o   Series 5 - 2005

o    Singles

  • Aquaman
  • Booster Gold
  • Cyber Defenders: Superman
  • Cyber Defenders: Batman
  • Red Tornado

Series 6 - 2005

  • Atom Smasher
  • Dove
  • Hawk
  • Planet Patrol: Martian Manhunter
  • Planet Patrol: Wonder Woman

Target Exclusives - 2005

  • Batman,Bizarro, Wonder Woman
  • Black Canary, Green Arrow, Superman
  • Wonder Woman (Planet Patrol), Superman (silver highlights), Brainiac
  • Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Orion

Exclusives - 2005

  • Green Lantern: Hal Jordan

Vehicles - 2005

  • Batcycle
  • Flash Cycle
  • Green Arrow Cycle

DC Superheroes: Justice League Unlimited

Series 1 - 2006 (Orange Package)

  • Superman (w/Black Mercy)
  • Steel
  • Aztek
  • The Flash (w/rotor)
  • Supergirl


  • Green Lantern, Tomar Re, Kilowog
  • Lex Luthor (Injustice Gang jumpsuit), Copperhead, Mirror Master
  • Martian Manhunter, J'onn Jonnz, Martian Manhunter (clear)

Series 2 - 2006 (Orange Package)

  • Batman (w/ wings)
  • Waverider
  • Wildcat
  • Wonder Woman (w/blue cape)


  • Justice Lord Superman, Justice Lord Wonder Woman, Justice Lord Batman
  • Superman, Dr. Light, Aquaman (w/ cape)
  • Dr. Fate,Vixen, Hawkgirl

Series 3 - 2006 (Orange Package)

  • Batman
  • Superman (w/ super breath)
  • Rocket Red
  • Metamorpho
  • Copperhead


  • Katma Tui("The Return" costume),Kyle Rayner, Arkkis Chummuck
  • Justice Lord Martian Manhunter, Justice Lord Green Lantern, Justice Lord The Flash
  • Zatanna , Batman, Shining Knight

Series 4 - 2006 (Orange Package)

  • Orion
  • Elongated Man
  • The Flash
  • Vigilante


  • Superman, Wonder Woman, The Demon Etrigan
  • K-Mart Exclusive 3 Pack: Superman (silver highlights), Supergirl (silver shirt), Steel
  • Toys-R-Us Exclusive 3 Pack: Justice Lord Batman ("tech circuits" deco), Justice Lord Hawkgirl, Justice Lord Superman ("tech circuits" deco)
  • Huntress, The Atom, Batman


  • Target Exclusive 6 Pack: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Bizarro, Doomsday, Amazo (clear)

o   San Diego Comic Con Exclusives

  • SDCC 2006: Solomon Grundy
  • SDCC 2006: Solomon Grundy (Slimed Variant)
  • SDCC 2007: Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, The Ray

Series 5 - 2007 (Purple Package)

  • Superman
  • Huntress
  • The Flash
  • The Shade
  • Dr. Light

Re-Released Singles

  • Batman
  • Elongated Man
  • Orion
  • Steel
  • Supergirl
  • Vigilante


  • Lightray, Amazo, Nemesis
  • Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman
  • Huntress, The Atom, Batman

Series 6 - 2007 (Purple Package)

  • Wonder Woman (red sleeves)
  • Green Lantern (fluorescent green)
  • Shining Knight (w/sword)
  • Superman (red stripes)
  • Lex Luthor (bright green)


  • Superman, Dr. Light, Aquaman (with cape)
  • Superman, Wonder Woman, The Demon Etrigan,
  • Parasite, Stargirl, Aquaman (w/ two hands)
  • Green Arrow, Volcana, Hawk

Series 7 - 2007 (Purple Package)


  • Sand, Star Sapphire, Superman
  • DeadshotBigBarda, Martian Manhunter
  • Obsidian, Vigilante, Brainiac

Series 8 - 2007 (Purple Package)

  • Batman
  • Kyle Rayner
  • Vixen
  • Sinestro

o   Re-Released Singles

  • Wonder Woman (w/blue cape)


  • Black Canary, The Joker, Batman
  • Hawkman, Alt. Flash, Rocket Red
  • Hawkman (Light Colored), Alt. Flash, Rocket Red
  • Superman (silver highlights), Supergirl (silver shirt), Steel


  • Target Exclusive 6 Pack:Justice Lord Batman, Justice Lord Wonder Woman, Justice Lord Superman, Bizarro (in non-show post-crisis colors), Doomsday (Lava), Amazo (with non-show Green Lantern effect)

Series 9 - 2007 (Purple Package)

  • Batman
  • Blue Devil
  • Zatanna
  • Mirror Master


  • Starman, The Flash, Dr. Fate
  • Justice Lord Batman ("tech circuits" deco), Justice Lord Hawkgirl, Justice Lord Superman ("tech circuits" deco)


Series 10 - 2007 (Purple Package)


  • Ice, Fire (regular version), Green Lantern
  • Ice, Fire (regular version), Green Lantern (fluorescent variant)
  • Green Arrow, Supergirl, Ultra Humanite
  • Mr. Miracle, Orion, Darkseid
  • Justice Lord Superman, Justice Lord Wonder Woman, Justice Lord Batman
  • Superman, Batman, Martian Munhunter


  • Toys "R" Us Exclusive: Original Members Collection
  • Target Exclusive 6 Pack: Batman, The Flash, Superman, Red Hood Joker (non-show costume), GorillaGrodd, Lex Luthor (in non-show grey jumpsuit)

o   DC Universe: Justice League Unlimited

o   San Diego Comic Con 2008 Exclusive - July 2008

Giganta Two-Pack (4.75" and 8")

Wave One - August 2008 (Orange Package)

  • Superman (in non-show black costume)
  • Hawkman
  • Stargirl
  • Kilowog
  • Batman (in classic non-show detective comic costume)


  • Green Lantern (fade), Captain Atom, Supergirl
  • Wonder Woman, The Flash, The Question
  • Fire (regular version), Green Lantern (fade), Ice


  • The Secret Society
    • Batman
    • The Flash
    • Superman
    • Red Hood Joker (non-show costume)
    • Gorilla Grodd (corrected show accurate colors)
    • Lex Luthor (corrected show accurate colors)
  • Attack from Apokolips
    • Mr. Miracle
    • Superman
    • Forager
    • Mantis
    • Darkseid
    • Lashina

Wave Two - November 2008 (Orange Package)

  • Superman (with Phantom Zone projector)
  • Sinestro (non-show comic Sinestro Corps costume)
  • Wonder Woman (with lasso)
  • Bizarro (corrected show accurate style)
  • Batman (navy blue, with Wonder Pig)

o    Three-Packs

  • Galatea, Superman, Huntress
  • Green Lantern (bald), Captain Atom, Supergirl
  • Fire (regular version), Green Lantern (bald), Ice