Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Lost Boys and Batman #14

One of my all-time favorite movies has always been The Lost Boys.
What more could you ask or in a movie, Vampires, Vampire Hunters and Comic Book collectors.
You see Sam from Lost Boys wasn't only a vampire hunter he was also a comic book hunter.
What was he hunting, welllll!

Here is the lines from the movie to help you figure it out

Actually looking for Batman #14.
That's a very serious book, man. only 5 in existence
Four actually.  I'm always looking out for the other three.

We all know there are more then 4 copies of Batman #14 in existence, imagine what the cost would be if there were only 3.
The picture above is of one I came across at Wizard World Philadelphia. Didn't have the cash to buy it, as that is tied up with the Frog brothers. Owe them or a job they did.

Keep your eye out for the other two. And watch the Lost Boys.

Good Luck on Your Hunt.

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