Sunday, February 8, 2015

Peek-a-boo appears on Flash TV series

On the February 4th episode of The Flash episode "Crazy for you" the main villain was Peek-a-boo. It is interesting to see one of the Rogues from Wally Wests time as the Flash and continues our hope that he does appear on the show at some point. Enough about Wally this post is about Peek-a-boo. And if you hunger for more information about the Flash TV series read our Flash Characters Guide

Created by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins, Peek-a-boo made her first appearance in The Flash Vol.2 #180. A copy of this issue can be found for a couple of dollars. If you have not read the Wally West run of the Flash it is highly recommended reading for any Flash TV series fan.

About Peek-a-boo

Lashawn Baez was a graduate student at Central City Medical School. When her father Tomas Baez became ill she stopped her studies to take care of him. First she tried to donate her kidney but instead the operation activated her metagene, thus giving her the ability to teleport. Lashawn decided if she could not donate her kidney she would use her powers to find a matching donor for her father. Her attempted theft of a suitable kidney leads to her battling the Flash and his friend Cyborg. 

Along with her first apperance in The Flash Vol.2 #180, Peek-a-boo also appears in issues 183, 192, 195 & 196.

On the Flash TV Series

Britne Oldford played the role of Peek-a-boo in the episode "Crazy for You". she uses her teleportation powers to free her boyfriend from Iron Heights prison then along with him robs an armored car.

You can pick up every appearance of Peek-a-boo for about $10, while your at it start reading Flash Vol.2 the Wally West run. You will not regret it.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

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