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Monday, December 29, 2014

Cosmo the Space Dog in Guardians of the Galaxy

It has been a little while since we added a new character to our Guardians of the Galaxy Character Guide, but it is never to late to expand our GOTG knowledge. So in today's post we look at Cosmo the Space Dog.

We see him in the Guardians of the Galaxy film as part of the Collectors menagerie. Then again in the post credit scene at the end of the film, he licks the Collectors face. You might be wondering what role has he played on the Marvel Comic Universe, hopefully this helps put the final pieces in your GOTG puzzle.

About Cosmo the Space Dog
Cosmo was a former Soviet Space Program test animal, who was launched into Earth's orbit. Sometime in the 1960's he arrived in Knowhere, became mutated and took over as the stations security chief. Cosmo has the power of telekinesis and telepathy.

First Appearance
Cosmo first appears in Nova Vol. 4 #8, in the issue Nova ends up in the Rip a place where space-time collapses at the end of the universe where the laws of physics don't apply. While there he meets Suspensor, of the Luminals. She suddenly turns into a zombie and Nova accidentally kills her. He then must flee from the other members of the Luminals at which point, out of nowhere, he sees a dog in a space suit approaching him. After petting him Nova learns that it is a high-grade telepath named Cosmo, who can even hear Worldmind. Through a telepathic connection he learns he is on  Knowhere, a city right inside the severed head of a giant Celestial. 

In Guardians of the Galaxy
Cosmo appears in a cell as part of the Collectors collection ( I've been waiting to write that), he is freed after the infinity gem explodes.
Cosmo appears again at the end of the film, post credits, he licks the Collectors face. 

So there is another GOTG character you can hunt down to add to your first appearance collection.
We will continue the guide when GOTG 2 comes out. Until then true believers read about all the other great comic related news here at Comic Book Hunter and Gatherers.

Good luck on your Hunt!