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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mego Batman Removable Cowl and Alter Ego Bruce Wayne sold at Auction

Although we spent a lot of time and energy hunting at actual places, Comic Shops, Conventions and Flea Markets, we also hunt at auction sites on the Internet. Every so often we come across a unique item that catches our eye or reminds us if our childhood. I can guess if you have been collecting for a long time you have had similar experiences.
In a recent Hakes auction we came across a really cool combo, both Batman with removable cowl and Alter Ego Bruce Wayne were Mego figures I wanted as a kid. Could never find them as they were on the rare side, but none the less I wanted them. To see them both together, a great idea if you ask me brought back some fond memories.
These two figures came from the collection of Chip Kidd, who wrote the 2001 book "Collecting Batman". You can find these on page 178 and 180. 
Batman Removable Cowl
Batman is a type 1 figure, complete with removable cowl, belt, gloves, boots and cape. Released in 1972.

Alter Ego Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne is on a type 2 body with correct head with no copyright on back of neck, two piece suit, shirt w/tie and shoes. Lt. aging to outfit w/slt. tanning to shirt under jacket. A 1974 Montgomery Wards exclusive. 

Winning bid was $555.62, a bargain in my opinion.

Good luck on your Hunt!