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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Riddler Super Amigos Action Figure

As 2014 comes to an end and 2015 is about to begin I wanted to look at the rarest figure from the 1980's DC Super Powers line. The Riddle was never released as part of the Kenner United States line but it was released in limited quantities as part of the the Super Amigos line, the Argentinian version of Kenner's Super Powers Collection. 
Back of Card

The Riddler released in South America was a repainted Green Lantern figure that was only released in South America. The figure mold was later reused for the line of action figures called the DC Comics SuperHeroes from Toy Biz released in 1989.

When I first began collecting Super Powers figures way back in the 1980's the Riddler figure was a thing of legend, none of knew at the time before computers and the Comic Book Hunter/Gatherer blog if it really existed. At a Comic Book show towards the end of the 80's I actually saw on but it really looked like a custom made figure so I didn't buy it, price tag was a little high for the time.
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If you wanted to hunt one down today they sell for around $400 carded or about $75 loose.

So before the clock strikes midnight get out and complete or start your Super Powers Collection.

Good Luck on Your Hunt and Happy New Years!