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Monday, December 22, 2014

Unique Batman Item Sold ay Auction - RARE LONE STAR GUN & HOLSTER SET ON CARD

If you spend anytime hunting through the auction sites sooner or later you'll come across a truly rare, unique collectible. In a recent Hakes auction a rare Batman gun was on the block.

The gun comes on a 9x14" illustrated card which features a full body image of Batman w/this gun in hand. There is also a smaller image of what appears to be Robin on the card. We say appears to be because the uniform isn't one Robin has ever worn. On the card is a set guns made in England by Lone Star, the copyright is 1966.
The gun is a 7.25" long plastic cap-firing gun that looks like a futuristic ray gun and features bat attachments on grips and separate plastic sight w/front sight being small bat attached at tip of barrel. There is also a 7.75" long vinyl-covered leather holster which comes w/original vinyl belt and metal buckle. Holster has "Batman" name in gold lettering and odd batsymbol design. 

I have never seen one of these before, it sold for a whooping  $5,692.50.  Yes wow is the word you are looking for.

Go dig your out if you have it.

Good luck on Your Hunt,