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Sunday, December 21, 2014

DC Comics March Variant Covers - At the movies!

DC comics continues to provide fans with great variant cover ideas each mont. March variant covers are possible one of the best themed so far.

22of DC comics most popular titles will showcase classic Warner Brothers movie poster on thier variant covers. Okay to be clear some are classic movies, some not so much classic as iconic. The one thing that can't be disputed is the re-imagined movie posters all look fantastic.

Here is the list of comics with the movie they are aligned with. I have my favorites, I am sure so will you.

Green Lantern #40 mirrors 2001:A SpaceOdyssey

Green Lantern Corps # 40 iconic Forbidden Planet

Sinestro #11 as underrated West World ( if you never saw it rent it now)

Justice League Dark #40 a the great Bettleguise

Justice League #40 in Magic Mike (Not a Classic but funny)

Justice League Unlimited #10 it's Mars Attack ( get it Martian Manhunter)

Action Comics #40 Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure

Superman/Wonder Woman #17 a Great nod to Gone with the Wind

Batman/ Superman #20 The Fugitive (Should have been The Flash)

Superman #40 as Superfly

Supergirl #40 The Wizard of Oz

Wonder Woman #40 as "300"

Batman #40 doing his best Jim Carry as the Mask

Detective Comics #40 The Matrix (Batman is the one)

Harley Quinn #16 jailhouse Rock

Catwoman #40 Steve McQueens Bullet

Grayson #8 Enter the Dragon

Batman/Robin # 40 Harry Potter

Batgirl #40 Purple Rain

Teen Titans #8 by far my favorite, the Titans as the Lost Boys

Aquaman #40 Free Willy ( what a great idea)

The Flash #40 North by North West ( Catch me if you can would have been better)