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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Captain Ray and Abominable Snowman Super Amigos Action Figures

So we said good-bye to 2014 and we are welcoming in 2015. So we are going to begin the New Year the way we ended the old year, with a review of a rare Super Powers or Super Amigos action figure. We ended the year with a look at The Riddler.
We are starting the year with a look at the weirdest two figures Captain Ray and his arch-enemy The Hulk, wait I meant the Abominable Snowman.
Okay so like me you are probably thinking who the hell is Captain Ray and why is he fighting the Abominable Hulk, damn Snowman.

Captain Ray 
Captain Ray has never appeared in a Comic book and there is absolutely no history or background known about him. We also don't know what his powers are. 
The Captain Ray figure is not like any other in the line, Captain Ray's card says "Super Heroes" instead of Super Powers. The artwork on the Captain Ray card and the actual figure itself appear to be based on Superman. He wears a black/grey and yellow costume with Flash type lightning bolt symbol on his chest. He has medium brown hair.

Okay the Super Amigos Riddler was strange, a re-painted Green Lantern but the Captain Ray (or El Capitan Rayo, in his native language) is an exclusive figure to the knock-off Columbian line. 
Abominable Snowman

An Abominable Snowman action figure or  Hombre de las Nieves', literally "The Man of the Snows" was produced by Gulliver Juguetes, a Latin-American toy company located in Brazil for their Super Heroes Collection, part of their Super Powers Collection line. This line did not have direct ties to any DC Comic characters. Abominable Snowman was the enemy of Captain Rey. The figure was available in Colombia only.
The Abominable Snowman is considered the  rarest of the Super Powers/Super Amigos/Super Heroes Collection branded figures. This figure combines pieces from the two previous South American knock-offs, and even a different companies products altogether, the Hulk.  The card art appears to be the same as Captain Rey, even down to the same company logo, Gulliver Juguetes, but the art is on the wrong side, is the wrong size, and Captain Ray symbol has changed. The logo does says Super Heroes. 
The strangest thing about the Abominable Snowman figure is that is an actual recast of the Hulk action figure from the Mego Pocket Pals line. To complicate matters even more the card backer has a mixture of Marvel and DC characters.
Back of Abominable Snowman card

So there you have it the two rarest and strangest figures in the Super Powers line. Okay so yes it really sounds like they are knock-offs not real figures from the line but its a new year just go with it. I don't plan on searching either of these figures out but if I see one I'll let you guys know.

If you have one and would like to tell a story about it or any other collectible you hunted down please email me,

Good Luck on Your Hunt, may you find everything you are hunting for in 2015.