Sunday, January 18, 2015

Detective Comics #140 - 1st Apperance of The Riddler

One of my favorite DC comics villians has always been The Riddler. Throughout the years I have enjoyed how the character has developed into one of Batman main antagonists.

As a result of the Riddler being my favorite villian his first appearance in Detective Comics #140 has always been a highly sought after issue. As you may know it is not easy to find. And when one comes up for sale it is usually of low quality. Only two copies have been graded over 8.0. So my search will continue.

About Detective Comics #140

Release in October 1948 Detective Comics #140 features the first apperance of The Riddler, written by the legendary Bill Finger with interior art Dick Sprang and Curt Swan, The memorable covet was done by Win Mortimer.
In the story "The Riddler" Edward Nigma is a cheating puzzle expert who becomes a costumed criminal identity for himself, the Riddler. He uses puzzles as clues for the Caped Crusader, which Batman is able to solve.  Riddler eventually leads Batman into a glass maze with a bomb inside. The bomb explodes, the  Riddler falls off a pier, leaving only a question mark behind. Batman is left wondering if his newest foe the Riddler survived.

A copy of Detective Comics #140 can be obtained in lower CGC grade for less then $1,000. Ungraded can cost a couple of hundred. The highest graded copies so far have been graded 9.4, 2 copies currently exist. One sold at auction for over $19,000. This issue is very scarce only about 40 copies have been graded.

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