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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Justice League : Throne of Atlantis Best Buy Exclusive

Scheduled to hit shelfs on January 27th, Justice League:Throne of Atlantis will focus on Aquaman. This next animated epic from DC should be another hit, DC knows how to do animation.

Aquaman is forced to choose sides between the Justice League and Atlantis, when Atlantean warriors begin a war to conquer the surface world, starting with the coastal cities of Gotham and Metropolis.

Where to get your copy

You can pick the Blue Ray or DVD at most retail outlets but Best Buy is again offering a special edition combo pack that comes with an exclusive figure. You can pre-order it today at Best Buy website or just wait for the 27th and get to your local Best Buy early.

Action Figures
Along with the animated films release DC will also be releasing four figures relating to the movie, Aquaman, Black Manta, Ocean Master and Mera will retail for $19.99. Keep an eye out for them.

Enjoy the movie and the figures.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!