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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Heat Wave to appear on The Flash TV Series

This weeks marks the return of the Flash television series from its winter hiatus. They sure are starting off with a bang as it looks like the Rogues are starting to come together. Captain Cold will be joining forces with Heat Wave. We will look at the history of Heat Wave in this post, you can read about Captain Cold in one of our earlier posts.

Created in 1963 by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, Heat Wave made his first appearance in The Flash #140.  This issue is can be found in a CGC high grade for around $2,000. Lower ungraded for about $300. This issue also features the first team-up and battle between of Captain Cold and Heat Wave.
The Flash #140 CGC graded 9.8

First Appearance
In the story titled  "The Heat is on .... for Captain Cold", Captain Cold escapes prison in order to  win the hand of "the Dream Girl". Just as the Flash is about to defeat him he is shot from behind by Central City's newest villain, Heatwave. The Flash is blasted into unconsciousness. The two villians get away and Captain Cold invites Heatwave back to his secret lair. The two makes plans to be partners until Heat Wave also reveals he is after the hand of "Dream Girl".  The two begin to battle and trying to one-up each other until they have to battle the Flash again. 
They join forces again and begin firing their weapons at the Scarlet Speedster. The Flash uses his super speed to turn the duos respected weapons against the other. Again the Flash wins.
About Heat Wave
Mick Rory was born on a farm outside Central City. There he became obsessed with fire and one night he set his family home on fire killing them. He then went to live with his uncle where his pyromania continued, he burned down another home. Rory decided to join the circus as a fire eater. Upon seeing some of the other villains battling the Flash in Central City he decided to become Heat Wave. After battling Captain Cold a couple of times he is invited to join the Rogues.
On the Flash TV series
Heat Wave will be portrayed by Dominic Purcell. He makes his first appearance, although un-seen as Mick Rory in the episode "Going Rogue". He receives a heat gun from Captain Cold, Leonard Snart,  during the final scene of the episode. The two will team up in this weeks episode "Revenge of the Rogues." It is important to note that Captain Cold is played by Wentworth Miller, he and Purcell stared alongside one another in the show Prison Break. 
Heat Wave and Captain Cold

Heat Wave was originally supposed to appear as one of the villains for the greatest carton ever made,  Superfriends series, in a group called the League of Evil. He was replaced by Captain Cold and the group was renamed the Legion of Doom. 

Heat Wave did appear on Justice League Unlimted as a member of Gorilla Grood's Secret Society in the episode "To Another Shore".
Heat Wave on Justice League Unlimited

Enjoy the Flash and ....

Good Luck on Your Hunt!