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Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Flash #123 - Earth 2 returns or begins or rebegins

With the DC Universe Multiversity series continuing throughout the year and the Flash celebrating his 75th anniversary we thought it would be a good idea to look at the first appearance of the original Multiversity world, that being Earth-2.
Earth-Two was DC comics way of connecting their forgotten Golden Age characters with their new Silver Age characters. It first appeared in The Flash #123, released in 1961.

Prior to this historic issue, Alternative-reality Earths had been used in DC stories
, but they usually only appeared in one particular story. Most of these alternative Earths were usually so vastly different that no one would confuse that Earth and its history with the so-called real Earth. All that would change with this Flash issue.

The title of the story was called "Flash of Two Worlds". In the story the Silver Age Flash Barry Allen accidentally vibrating at just the right speed to appear on Earth-Two, where he meets Jay Garrick, his Earth-Two counterpart. Barry Allen claims that Gardner Fox,  the original writer of the Flash, dreams were tuned into Earth-Two. Barry Allen was a comic book fan and took his name from Jay Garrick Flash.

Following this issue many other Golden Age heroes some long forgotten would appear throughout DC comics. The recent Multiversity titles explore other worlds outside of Earth-1.

How Much?
The Flash #123 is a highly sought after early Silver Age issue of the series. It has sold  recently in CGC graded 9.4 for $23,000. An ungraded copy will run you less then $100. This issue happens to be in the top 5 of my wantlist.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!