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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rainbow Raider on the Flash TV Series

Back in August I wrote also about one of DC's strangest villains Rainbow Raider, in it I wrote how I hoped that the character would appear on the Flash TV series. Well my wish came through, Roy G. Bivolo did appear on the show even if they didn't call him the Rainbow Raider, I'll take it as a win.

Here is a recap about who the Rainbow Raider is and why he should be a full fledged Rogue.

Created in 1957 by Cary Bates and Don Heck, Rainbow Raider made his first appearance in The Flash #286.  This issue is can be found for about $5. It is worth a look.

First Appearance
Roy G. Bivolo was a wonderful painter from an early age but he was also color-blind. His father could not except this for his son, so the famous optometrist created a device that would allow his son to see in full color. Upon the death of his father the device was given to Roy but it did not correct his color-blindness. These vision goggles did do was some other things like project beams of light that could become solid objects, make him invisible, blind his opponents, or affect the emotions of his opponents. Roy could no longer follow his career as an artist so  he chose a life of crime instead. He became the Rainbow Raider and joined Flash's Rogues Gallery.

On the Flash TV Series
Played by Paul Anthony Roy G. Bivol appeared in the Flash Vs. Arrow Episode of the Flash Series. He had the meta human power to control people's emotions. Sadly he did not wear the Rainbow Costum and he is called Prism instead of Rainbow Raider, true fans know who he was.

Rainbow Raider was produced as a figure for the first time in the Flash heroclix line.

You can read more about the Rainbow Raider other apperances in our last Rainbow Raider post titled DC Comics Most Colorful Villian.

Go on out there and hunt down his many appearances.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!