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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Iceman Marvels Secret Wars Rarest Figure

Since Marvel and Gentle Giant have decided to release a 12 inch scale retro version of the famous Secret Wars line of figures, read about it here, we decided to look at the rarest figure from the original line.

Iceman is the rarest action figure in the Marvel Secret Wars toy line. The figure was not sold in the United States. Iceman came from Europe and was not a part of the Secret Wars comics series from Marvel. At the time of Secret Wars Iceman has his own limited series run by Marvel, so this may explain why he was included in the action figure series.

The figure was a repaint of the Daredevil figure with Captain America's legs. Iceman is all one color, kind of greenish with a black belt. He comes with the standard Secret Wars shield.

The figure sells for more then most Secret Wars figures a AKA graded 8.0 is on eBay for $420. 

I have never seen on except on -line. 

Good Luck in Your Hunt!