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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rainbow Raider - DC Comics most colorful Villain

With the new Flash television show set to premier in a month I wanted to start suggesting some characters that I would like to see appear on the show. Many characters have been announced already and we will look at those as well.

First character I would like to see one of the underused villains Flash had battled, the Rainbow Raider
Has some very unique powers and a tied in origin to his powers.

Roy G. Bivolo was a wonderful painter from an early age but he was also color-blind. His father could not except this for his son, so the famous optometrist created a device that would allow his son to see in full color. Upon the death of his father the device was given to Roy but it did not correct his color-blindness. These vision goggles did do was some other things like project beams of light that could become solid objects, make him invisible, blind his opponents, or affect the emotions of his opponents. Roy could no longer follow his career as an artist so  he chose a life of crime instead. He became the Rainbow Raider and joined Flash's Rogues Gallery.

The Rainbow Raider made his first appearance in The Flash #286, you can easily find this issue for under $5, check it out. Already have all his appearances in my collection.

Okay so I am a big Flash fan and a big fan of the Rogues Gallery. I will be spending some blog space discussing some of the rogues both well known and otherwise. I also collect commissioned art of the rogues, hoping on day to have all of them in some form or another. Plus custom figures of those that have never been made like the Rainbow Raider.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!