Thursday, June 19, 2014

The beauty that is Detective Comics #27

When you walk around a comic convention hunting for some hidden treasure you may actually come across a magnificent piece of history. Recently as myself and my two daughters walked around the Special Edition: NYC comic convention we happened to come across a copy of Detective Comics #27 along with its own personal armed security guard (REALLY). The rarity of this issue was not only in its scarcity but also that this particular copy is graded a 9.4, which is almost gem mint. Basically it looked like it came right off the shelf o. Wednesday at your local comic shop.
 It's estimated value is $500,000. Yes a five and five zeros.

You might ask why this is such a rare and expensive comic book. Detective comics #27 is the first appearance of Batman, a character who would become one of the most recognizable fictional characters in the world.

Released in May of 1939 after creator Bob Kane was asked by DC comics ( yes named after the very title of the comic) to create a character that would be as popular as Superman who was selling a million plus issues a month, so not an easy task for Mr. Kane. History would soon tell us that he did not disappoint. Batman quickly became a huge success for DC comics, he was even given his owntitle  shortly after his introduction. He to started selling a million plus issues a month, becoming the perfect addition for Superman and making DC comics a publishing powerhouse.

Since his introduction in Detective Comics #27 Batman has had his own TV show in the 1960's, 7 block buster movies and a number of successful cartoons. He has been featured on almost every item you could think of. He is an pop icon.

Although my budget doesn't allow for me to own such a historical piece it was nice to just to be able to look at it up close and share the experience with my daughters.

Next we would like to see Action Comics #1, hunting is not always about actually buying the treasure.

Good luck on your hunt.

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