Sunday, June 8, 2014

Why did it have to be convention exclusives!

One of the hardest things to hunt down for most collectors has become Convention exclusives. These are items that are sold only at a particular convention in limited quantities, you don't attend the convention you don't get the item (well you can but it will cost you).

Recent conventions exclusives have included special comic book covers, art prints, action figures and  the focus of todays post Pop! Vinyl figures.

Pop! vinyl has been releasing these exclusive convention figures since 2010. Since  then they have made one for all the major conventions. These cost of these exclusives are usually $15 at the convention, after the convention they shoot up in price. Recently a Freddy Funko (company mascot) dressed as Batman,a 2013 San Diego Comic Con exclusive, was sold for $395.

If you collect Pop! Vinyls you are enjoying a wonderful world wide hunt to finish your collection. These are the type of hunts that a true collector sees not as an impossible task but as a long term challenge.

Good luck on your hunt.

Here is a list of some comic-book related Pop! Vinyl figures ( if we missed any please let us know)

2010 San Diego Comic Con

Batgirl in black

2011 San Diego Comic Con

Freddy Funko as Iron Man
Martian Manhunter Metallic version
Green Lantern Movie Hal Jordan Metallic
Green Lantern Movie Sinestro Metallic

Captain American Metallic
Spider-man Metallic 
Thing Metallic

2011 New York Comic Con
Batman Flashpoint 
Wonder Woman Black & White

2012 San Diego Comic Con
Spider-man Metallic
Loki Gold
The Dark Knight Batman Bronze Patina

2013 San Diego Comic Con
Superman Black Suit
Ghost Rider Metallic
Deadpool Metallic
Iron Man 3 James Rhodes
Rorschach Bloody

2013 Emerald City Comic Con

2013 ToyCon
Iron Man 3 Tony Stark

2014 Dallas Comic Con

Reverse Flash

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