Friday, June 6, 2014

What's white, fast and hard to find?

If you guest the extremely rare Hero Clix White Lantern Flash you either have way to much free time on your hands or you work for the company who makes heroclix.
This is one of those rare items that I have yet to see in person, they pop up on eBay but at over $100 when they do.
I have been on the hunt for one since they first came out. I really love the Hero Clix figures they have great detail for such small pieces and there are so many characters. I put together an entire Legion of Doom and Suicide Squad set.
The White Lanterns are some of the rarest. If you ever see one for a reasonable price I recommend picking which ever one it is up.
I will be hunting for one at upcoming NY: Special Edition and Wizard World Philly. Yes I have two hunting trips coming up, I will be updating throughout the conventions.
Good luck with your hunt.

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