Tuesday, June 10, 2014

On the hunt for a hunter. First Apperance of Deathstroke

Every once in awhile I go on the hunt for a comic that has a significance to either myself or the collecting community.  This hunt is both.
The hunt for the 1st appearance of Deathstroke began in combination of two things, first I have really enjoyed the character over the last few year (I even bought the new 52 series,one of the only people that did). Next, and the more I important reason, Deathstroke played a major role on Arrow, a show my daughter and I love. My collection has begun to focus on issues my daughter and I can enjoy together.
Part of our job as collectors (Hunters) is to pass along to the next generation.
So the hunt has begun for Deathstroke, it will continue at Special Edition:NYC this weekend. #jointhehunt.

Good luck on your hunt.

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