Wednesday, June 25, 2014

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive - Action Figure Xpress Bearbrick Green Lantern and Joker

Yes, there are more exclusives for San Diego Comic Con from Action Figure XPress. This time it's Green Lantern and Joker bear bricks. They are each limited to 1,500 and cost is $14.99 each

These two are exclusive to the SDCC but they have a limited number that can be pre-ordered for delivery. What this means is you can get these even if you can't make the con, just do it soon.

You can order them using the links below. Do it now!
Green Lantern Be@rbrick

Joker Be@rbrick

Be@rbricks have become very popular over the last couple of year and are awesome collectibles. They have released 3 different Batmans, Robin, Superman, Plastic Man, Cyborg Riddler and an actually Green Lantern lantern. I like that they use the old Super Powers cards and images.

Hunting on the web is a modern day method of hunting. It is much easier then actually going somewhere to hunt things down, but very effective.

Good luck on your hunt!

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