Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Training the next generation

Many of us older hunters learned the craft of the hunt on our own. We went to shows as teenagers, hung out in comic shops and got what ever information we could from whomever we could.
Training. New generation of comic book hunters is what I believe we all owe the hobby that has given us so many hours of memories.
I am fortunate enough to have two hunters in training. If there is a hunt to be had at a show or shop I have my two HIT's (Hunters in Training) with me. And although they don't collect the same things that I do. The two of the, at my side have been the best hunts I have ever had.
So it may have taken a paragraph or two to get there but basically what I am trying to say is, take your kids with you to buy your comics, it is a reward you can't put a price tag on.
God luck in your hunt.

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