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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Action Comics #1- 50 Year Anniversary Reprint

We continue our indept look at Action Comics #1 you can view previous post in "Stories of Action Comic #1".

 In 1988 the 50th Annivesary of the first appearance of Superman was celebrated with a reprint of Action Comics #1. Like previous reprints this one also only contains the 16 page First appearance of Superman story.

This reprint was sold both on newsstands and comic shops for 50 cents, which is the price listed in a white box in place of the original 10 cent price. The cover also either includes a small box in the left corner with a 50th Anniversay message  (direct market) or a UPC bar code (newsstand). It is important to note that because these small left side boxes appear the sweating man from the original cover has been removed.

The inside cover has a Daily Planet newspaper article describing how Action Comics is going weekly.

The back cover shows Superman on a bright yellow background.

This issue routinely sells for between $25 and $75 ungraded depending on condition. High CGC graded copies can sell for a couple of hundred. The direct market copy is more commonly found.

Hopefully you can find one of these reprints to help continue to build your Action Comics #1 collection. Yes there are a bunch of reprints but what do you expect it is the most important comic ever produced, Full reprint list.

We are starting a new ongoing spotlight post here at CBH&G entitled "Hunting for Action Comics #1" but we need your help, so send us your story of Action Comics #1 via email,

Good Luck on Your Hunt!