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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More DC Comic Halloween/Horror Variants

Last month we gave a preview of the DC Comics October Halloween/Horror cover variants.  Below are the rest of the covers that will be hitting shelves throughout the scariest month of the year.
Hope that you can hunt all of these variant covers down.
You can view last months Halloween/Horror Variants post to see all the covers.

Detective Comics #35
Earth 2 #27
The Flash #35

Green Lantern Corps #35
Green Lantern #35
Harley Quinn #11

Justice League Dark #35

Justice League United #5

New Teen Titans #3

Sinestro #6
Superman/Wonder Woman #12

Some tips on how to get these variants, first ask your local comic shop to hold the one you want for you. Remember these come in much smaller quantities then the regular covers, usually 1 for 25. If you cant get it their check at other local shops. There is one near me in New Jersey that gets tons of variants each month.  If that doesn't work there is always online.
I will be trying to grab the Flash and Green Lantern Corps, like that Black Lantern reference.

Good Luck on Your Variant Hunt!