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Friday, August 22, 2014

Spider-Woman #1 Variant Cover - It's controversial!

It has been over 30 years since the original Spider-Woman has had her own ongoing series, which seems like an awful long time to me. Marvel comics is finally righting that wrong, A new ongoing Spider-Woman series is set to premier in November but it is already facing some heavy controversy.

A variant cover drawn by Milo Manara has sparked some age old sexual explotation debates amoung not only comic book collectors but also the news media who have been covering this like it was headline news. It all has to do with the positioning of her buttocks.

The regular cover most of us will get when the issue comes out does not have an issue (See a copy of it below). The opening story arc will see Spider-Woman team up with fellow spider-powered heroine Silk on a mission that spans the multiverse. 

How ever you feel about this controversy one thing will hold true, the variant cover will be very hard to find and based on all the press it is receiving should become valuable.  So if you feel the urge start asking around your local comic shops to see if they can hold one for you. If not get ready to hunt.

Spider-Woman's first #1 came out in April 1978 it was written by Marv Wolfman with art by Carmine Infantino. It is worth a look just based on Wolfman/Infantino combination.

About Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
Jessica Drew’s scientists parents dedicated their life's to harnessing the environmental adaptive abilities of spiders by grafting elements of their DNA into the human genome. Prior to Jessica’s birth, Jessica's mother was hit by a laser beam containing spider DNA of several species of spiders. The unborn Jessica took on these traits giving her a variety of spider powers. After her parents disappeared Jessica was recruited by HYDRA under the false pretense of HYDRA was a force for good in the world. While at HYDRA she was trained by Taskmaster in martial arts and the effective use of her powers to become a deadly assassin.

So our advice pick up some of the old issues of Spider-Woman then keep an eye out in November for the new series which should be added to your pull list. If your interested in the highly controversial variant cover you may have some hunting work ahead of you but good luck.

Good Luck on Your  Spider-Butt Hunt