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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bereet in Guardians of the Galaxy

So you ought be scratching your head right now thinking " I saw GOTG and I don't remember anyone named Bereet. I know who Groot is, and who Rocket was voiced by, I even know Nebula was played by that girl from Doctor Who. Don't recall a Bereet." Here at Comic Book Hunter and Gatherer we help you sought out even the most obscure characters, see in our Guardians of the Galaxy Character Guide.

So who is Bereet and why should we care. Bereet first appeared in Marvel comics way back in January 1977 in the short-lived Rampaging Hulk magazine issues #1. She appeared after that in the Hulk comic throughout the early 1980's. If you can find her first appearance you can add it to your collection for less than $25.

About Bereet 
Bereet is a female Krylorian. She made her living as techno-artist and produced films concerning fictional adventures of herself and the Hulk. The Krylorians are obsessed with the escapist movie-like fantasies of techno-art films, which led to Bereets massive popularity. at one time Bereet traveled to Earth inorder to became involved with the Hulk .

First Appearance

Bereet first appeared in the magazine Rampaging Hulk #1 which was created by Doug Moench and Walt Simonson.  A later version of Bereet which was revealed to be from the main Marvel Universe, Earth-616 (Rampaging Hulk stories were not) first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #269  and continued to appear in the series.
In Guardians of the Galaxy
After Peter Quill successfully steals the orb on the planet Morag and is flying away in his ship, Bereet wakes up and reminds him that she is still there. The two were apparently together the night before. Bereet is played by Melia Kreiling.

Including Bereet in this small role is just another one of Marvels homage to die hard Marvel zombies,   Adam Warlocks cocoon was another. They really know how to keep these fans happy.
So now you can add another first appearance to your Guardians of the Galaxy collection. Next we will look at Cosmo the Space Dog. 
Good Luck on Your Hunt!