Sunday, August 3, 2014

Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy

If you haven't already heard Guardians of the Galaxy has broke the record for an opening weekend in August, raking in $94 million. We continue to look at each of the characters, this installment of Guardians of the Galaxy Character Guide looks at the main character, Star-Lord.

Star-Lord made his first appearance in the pages of Marvel Preview #4, he even graced the cover. A copy of this will round out your GOTG first appearance collection. Marvel Previews #4 will cost you
Over $1,500 with a CGC 9.0 or higher, ungraded copies will cost you anywhere between $100 and $500 depending on condition.

About Star-Lord

Star-Lord real name is Peter Quill. He was born during an unusual astronomical phenomenon when many of the planets align. Star-Lord was raised by his single mother until she is killed by an alien when he is eleven, His father died of a heart attack when Quill was a baby. Peter becomes a NASA astronaut and while on a space-station an alien entity called the Master of the Sun offers the mantle of Star-Lord (an interplanetary policeman) to the astronauts onboard.  Peter wants to be the chosen one but is rejected at first then takes the astronauts place to become Star-Lord.

First Appearance
Written by Steve Englehart and penciled by Steve Gan, Marvel Previews #4 (Jan. 1976) features the story of Peter Quill becoming Star-Lord, an interplanetary policeman.

In Guardians of the Galaxy
Chirs Pratt portrays Peter Quill in the film. Peter Quill becomes a member of a mercenary gang, the Ravagers . He becomes involved in a galactic war between two alien powers, the Kree  and Nova Corps. He leads the Guardians of the Galaxy in the battle.

Star-Lords first appearance in Marvel Previews #4 will be hot and is already hard to find, so get to hunting it down. If you find a copy send us an email about your adventure, we can be reached at

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

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