Monday, August 4, 2014

Comic Shop Review - Comic Relief, Lawrenceville, NJ

Located on Quakerbridge Road in Lawrenceville, NJ, Comic Relief is a perfect local comic shop to fill all your weekly comic book and collectible needs.

The shelfs are loaded with current titles, trade paper backs and toys. You can also fill your statue needs which are housed in a nice glass display case.

We traveled here on a recent visit to Trenton, NJ, lucky for us it was open on Sunday, most other comic shops are not.

So lets give it a CBH&G review:

Comics - Comic Relief has a huge collection of current titles located around the shop this includes recent variant covers. They also carry most recent trade paper backs and graphic novels. If an issue or trade came out in the last few on the you'll find it here. I finally picked up the new Superman #32 pencilled by John Romita Jr, which I have looed for at four other shops. Also hunted down the variant Batman 75th Anniversary cover for Superman #33.
Comic Relief also has a selection of back issues but it is not very extensive, mostly more recent issues.

Toys - Nice selection of most current DC and Marvel action figures and other toys. No older lines, you know how much we like the older toy lines.

Other Stuff - A nice assortment of  statues and busts including an awesome Kingdom Come statue, if I had the money on me at the time I would have picked it up. Comic Relief also has a selection of trading cards, my youngest daughter has started collecting card packs now. It all started after she recently pulled a Tom Hiddleston autographed card from a Thor pack, she decided to sell it to pay for her NYCC trip. She bought a Walking Dead back at Comic Relief, hoping for a Norman Reedus autograph.

Comic Shop Grade - B +

The only reason Comic Relief didn't get an A is that it doesn't have a large selection of older comics or toys, the things that make a hunting trip worth taking.
 If you live in the area you should be filling all your collecting needs here. If you are passing by the Trenton area stop in.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

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