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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Englishtown Flea Market - On the Hunt in New Jersey

As our loyal readers will remember we often go comic book and collectible hunting at Flea Markets.  Many flea markets have vendors that sell comics and collectibles, you can often get great deals at flea markets on them.

Earlier today we visited Englishtown Flea Market in New Jersey. It was a rainy day so it was empty which was good but not all the outside area vendors showed up, not so good.

We did find one comic book dealer in side, where we made some awesome finds. For only $12.00 we purchased 9 comics.

Of the 9 comics 5 of the were issues of Jack Kirby's The Demon series from the early 1970's. I have always been a big fan of Jack Kirby, not only is he one of our favorite artist of all-time but he is also one of the most influential artists/writers in comic history. The fact that we only paid .50 an issue for a total of $2.50 for 5 of his comics is a huge score in my book.

The successful hunt at Englishtown doesn't stop there, we also picked up Kirby's Omac One Man Army #2 for .75 and His Mister Miracle #2 for $2. Mister Miracle happens to be one of my favorite character and I have been looking for the Kirby issues for sometime.

To road out the comic portion of our hunt we also purchased a Copy of The Champions #1 and DC Wanted #8, which includes a Flash story. We picked up The Champions #1 because we really enjoy the 1970's Marvel titles.

Along with the comics we also found a Justice League Unlimited Blue Devil figure on card for $5.00, we always look for JLU figures. One vendor even had the impossible to find Volcana Figure in the 3-Pack.

While we were walking around we came across this little mixed-up number. Yes Spider-Man with Batman with Buzz Lightyear and more. This is a What the? item.

So based on everything we purchased or saw we will certainly be going back to Englishtown and if your looking for some great deals we recommend you go hunting there as well.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!