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Monday, August 11, 2014

Comic Shop Review - Comics and Paperbacks Plus, Palmyra, PA

Housed in the first floor of an old colonial home, Comics and Paperbacks Plus is one of the most unique comic shops we have ever visited. The store is laid out throughout the individual rooms, 6 or 7 in all. Comics and books are neatly placed throuout every nook and cranny of these rooms. Both new and old comics can be found throughout, a visit to Comic and Paperbacks Plus is a true comic book experience, worth taking a trip to Palmyra, Pennsylvania.

You can definitly feel the years of experience in the place, through the large collection of back issues and classic toys. Yes they had old toys to.  The shop has been in business continuously in some form from 1989, we love those shops that survived the 1990's rush. It shows not only a great business sense but a love for the hobby.

Comics - An extremely large selection of back issues going all the way back to the Golden Age. They are spread out in short boxes throughout the rooms of the shop in alphabetical order, very organized for a shop that has been around for so long, more valuable issues are hung on the walls. The shop also has consignment back issues in the front room, these come from former collectors selling their stuff. Prices are all reasonable. Along with back issues Comics and Paperbacks Plus also has all the latest new titles and graphic novels. The best part is they have about ten spinner racks filled throughout the store, we love the old Spinner Racks.

ToysComics and Paperbacks Plus does not carry a large collection of comic related toys but they did have a great selection of one of the greatest toy lines ever made. Of course we are talking about Mego figures. Housed in a glass case which in our opinion gives them the respect they deserve. Had we brought more money with us we would have bought one. For those of you that have not visited many comic shops, you rarely if ever see Mego figures.

Other Stuff - A nice selection of t-shirts, plus some older card sets, including some early 1990's packs. Again this shows the shop has been around for many years. Plus they sell paperbacks and items relating to the history of the area, showing their love for the community.

Comic Shop Grade - A

How could we not give Comics & Paperbacks Plus a good grade, any shop that has stayed around this long knows what it's doing plus they had Mego figures. I was able to find the final two issues of Mister Miracle Volume 2 to complete the run, an awesome find for me.

So if your on your way to Hershey Park, take a stop by Comics and Paperbacks Plus, it's located about 15 minutes away from the theme park, you will not be disappointed you did. Don't forget to grab a Mego figure, the Captain America was in excellent condition.

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Good Luck on Your Hunt!