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Friday, August 1, 2014

Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy

Hopefully you had the chance to see the Guardians of the Galaxy, we will continue our look at the various characters that appear in the film. Nebula is a space pirate connected to Thanos.
Nebula made her first appearance in Avengers #257, you can own a mint graded copy for about $40, yes only $100, ungraded for about $25. Get this comic!

About Nebula
Nebula is a brutal space pirate and mercenary. She took control of Thanoses former spaceship Sanctuary II. She believed that Thanos was dead and Nebula claimed that he had been her grandfather. 

First Appearance
Captain Marvel meets Nebula the space pirate in deep space.  While on Earth teh rest of the Avengers are in the Savage Land with KaZar wife Shanna. meanwhile, the Avengers follow Terminus into the Savage Land, where they meet Ka-Zar and Zabu, they battle Terminus a creature who appears to be a robot, Hercules rips through Terminus's armor revealing that he is in fact an obese creature. The first appearance of Nebula was released in July 1985, it was was written by Roger Stern and pencilled. By John Buscema.
In Guardians of the Galaxy
Nebula will be played by Karen Gillan of Doctor Who fame. Nebula is an assassin trained by Thanos alongside her adopted sister Gamora.

Things for you to do
1) Go buy Avengers #257
2) Go see Guardians of the Galaxy
3) Read our Guardians of the Galaxy Character Guide
4) Celebrate how great your life is!
5) Enjoy the hunt