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Thursday, August 14, 2014

General Wade Eiling to appear on New Flash TV series

With each passing day anticipation for the new Flash television series grows as new characters and possible story lines are announced. We want to help you prepare for the show so we will be looking at the background of each character set to appear, we have already reviewed Plastique and Vibe. Today we look at General Wade Eiling and we can guess wether he will be based on the comic version or the Justice League Unlimited version.

General Wade Eiling first appeared in Captain Atom #1 (1987), he was created by Cary Bates, Pat Broderick and Greg Weisman. You can pick up a nice copy for less than $5.00. General Eiling appears throughout the Captain Atom series, so why not start buying all 57 issues.

First Appearance
Wade Eiling works for the military. He blackmails Nathaniel Adam into participating in an atomic experiment that turns Nathaniel into the nuclear being Captain Atom. Shortly after the experiment Captain Atom disappears for 18 years. As a result of his disappearance General Eiling would attempt the experiment again, which ends up with the creation of Major Force, which occurs later Inte Captain Atom series.
About General Wade Eiling
For a large part General Wade Eiling is the main adversary of Captain Atom, he appears throughout the series which begins afte he creates Captain Atom who disappears for 18 years. During the 18 years in which Captain Atom is gone, Eiling marries Adam's wife and acts as father to his two children. Eiling also manipulates Captain Atom into serving the military.
Eiling also battles the Justice League of America during which time he transfers his brain patterns into the indestructible body of the Shaggy Man.

On the Flash Series
General Eiling will be played by veteran actor Clancy Brown. Many comic book fans may remember Brown as the vioce of Lex Luthor for over twelve years. He has also voiced many other comic book characters including Parrallax in the Green Lantern Movie.
On the Flash TV show it appears that General Iling will resemble the version of the character that has appeared on Justice League Unlimited (see below)

Justice League Unlimited In the Justice League Unlimited cartoon series, which we are big fans of, a significantly altered version of General Wade Eiling that resembled Marvel character General 'Thunderbolt' Ross. In the series he works very closely with Cadmus Chief Amanda Waller.
General Eiling also had an action figure made from the series. You should all know by now that we collect these, check out the entire Justice League Unlimited Checklist.

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