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Friday, August 29, 2014

Linda Park on new Flash TV Series

First I am a huge Flash fan , the character is the focal point of my comic book collecting, hunting, gathering and everything in between. Second I have not been closely following the news of the new Flash TV series because I felt all the show was so far away, now that summer is almost over and Fall is nearly here I started watching some of the promos.  I caught the recent Weather Wizard one and was very happy to see Linda Park as a news reporter.

You might ask why was I happy to see Linda Park as opposed to the Weather Wizard or any of the other characters. Answer is simple, one of favorite runs of The Flash was when Wally West took over for Barry Allen and he developed, over time, a romantic connection with Linda Park. To me it was the essence of what made the series great. I wouldn't give to much away to those that haven't read them yet. If you haven't get out there and pick up volume 2 of the Flash series ASAP.

Okay so more about Linda Park as this is why you are here, is it not?

Linda Park made her first appearance in The Flash Volume 2 #28, she was created by William Messner-Loebs. You Canuck up her first appearance for around a dollar. The Wally West Flash series is worth taking a look at, it ran longer then any other Flash series.

About Linda Park
Linda Park was a reporter for Keystone City she regularly cover the Flash and at first really didn't like Wally West. As time went on the two fell in love, were married and had twins.

On Flash TV Series
Linda Park briefly appeared in  the second season Arrow episode "Three Ghost," played by Olivia Cheng. The episode also features Barry Allen rather than Wally West. She is shown on television reporting on the particle accelerator that will ultimately give rise to Barry's fateful lab accident.

So In the comics Linda Park is Wally West wife and mother of his children, hopefully her appearing on the new Flash series means that at some point we will see WallyWest, fingers crossed.

You have a little more then a month before the series starts get out and pick up some Flash comics and keep your eyes out for all the collectibles that will be hitting store shelfs.

Good Luck on your Hunt!