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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Amazing Fantasy #15 - Six Copies Up for Auction

Amazing Fantasy #15 is to the Silver Age of comics what Action Comics #1 is to the Golden Age of comics (see more in our "stories of Action Comics #1"). That means a bunch of things in the world of comics. Both are the most sought after issue of their period; both are the most valuable issues of their period; and both contain the first appearance of the most popular character of the era - Superman in the Golden Age and Spider-Man in the Silver Age.

Amazing Fantasy #15 is the first appearance of Spider-Man. In this historical issue, written by Stan Lee with art by Steve Ditko, High School student Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, he gains great power and becomes Spider-Man.

This month Comicconnect, the premier on-line comic marketplace and auctioneer, has not one copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 up for auction, not two copies, they have six copies, count them SIX copies for auction. ComicConnect is the same auction house that sold a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 for $1.1 million, Guinness World Record, you can read more about that in our previous post "The Most Important Silver Age Comic".
Lets look at each one of the Super Six up for auction this month, you can bid on them by going to Comicconnect today.

CGC Graded 0.5
Yes this copy is as low a grade as you could get but that makes it affordable. Just owning any copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 legitimizes your collection that much more. You can tell your friends "I own a copy of Spider-Man first appearance, no big deal."

CGC Graded 2.5
Copy has a small piece of the cover missing otherwise it look good for a comic that is over fifty years old. Another example of a lower grade that could be added to your collection for a reasonable price. Won't do to much damage to your bank account.

CGC Graded 3.0
Still a grade that would make a fine addition to any collection with a little something special added. This copy from CGC signature series includes Stan Lees authentic signature. The creator of Spider-Man signed the cover of the first appearance of Spider-Man. This would be the center of most collections.

CGC Graded 4.0
Starting to get into the more pricey grades, 4.0's usually sell for around $8,000. Everyone wants an Amazing Fantasy #15 in their collection and ComicConnect offers a 3-month time payment plan so "You can do it!" 

CGC Graded 4.5
The best part about having six copies of such an important issue up or auction at one time is many collectors will have a chance to own one. Six collectors are better than only one. This copy have been restored which basically means it will be more affordable.

CGC Graded 7.5
This is the big daddy of this auction, you'll need to take a loan or crash your bank account or this one. This one will sell or about $50,000 and will make any collection a memorable one. You need to make some pre-arrangements with ComicConnect to bid on this one because it truly is an awesome copy.

Good luck on this really unique online hunt. Auctions are a great place to get a great deal on a great comic. Especially if it is one of the big three issues (Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #27 and yes, Amazing Fantasy #15). SO what are you waiting for, start bidding, ComicConnect Amazing Fantasy #15.
If you happen  to win any of these and I truly hope that our readers do please send me a photo of you with the issue and we will do a collectors showcase piece on you, email us at

Thank you ComicConnect for sending us such clear photos of Super Six copies of Amazing Fantasy #15.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!