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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Plastique will be on New Flash Show

Most comic book fans can't wait for the new Flash television series to start especially since DC Entertainment keeps announcing all the guest that are coming directly from the comics. So I order to get the fans ready we are going to start giving you the background of each character that is set to appear, this will include information on their first appearance so you can hunt one down and ad it to your collection.

We start with the villian Plastique who will appear during season one of the show.

Plastique was created by Gene Conway and Pat Broderick in 1982. She made her first appearance on The Fury of Firestorm #7. You can own a copy for a couple of bucks. If you have not read the a fury of Firestorm before we strongly suggest picking up more than just issue #7.

First appearance
As a result of some genetic engineering  Bette Sans Souc becomes Plastique. She is given the ability to project explosive force from her body and becomes a terrorist who attempted a suicide bombing of a newspaper. Firestorm defeats her.

About Plastique
Plastique is an enemy of Firestorm and  Captain Atom, whom she falls in love with. She is also an occasional member of the Suicide Squad. In DC’s New 52 she continues to be an enemy of Firestorm and has become a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains.

On The Flash
Plastique will be played by Kelly Frye. It is rumored that she will be an ally to the Flash. Producers describe her character as "a fetching young redhead who was a bomb specialist with the Army before she was injured by an IED in Iraq." 

So this should be the start of your characters of the Flash TV show collection. We will be looking at all the other characters set to appear on the Flash so stay tuned.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!