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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Adam Warlocks Cocoon in Guardians of the Galaxy

The comic book community has been abuzz with some of the clues to future characters found within the Collectors menagerie. One of the big ones is Adam Warlocks cocoon. Seen in the background in a container (see above photo)
The cocoon made its first appearance in Fantastic Four #67, it would later hatch in the issue and Him would emerge. Him would later become Marvel hero Adam Warlock. Confused, you are not alone. We wil make it much clearer in a future post, this one is about the cocoon only.

First Appearance
Alicia is lost in Lock 41, while there she comes face to face with the cocoon of Him, the artificial being asks for her help. The Fantastic Four rescue Alicia before Him full hatches and passes judgment on his creators, which he destroys upon his full emergence from the cocoon.
The issue was released in October 1967, written by Stan Lee with art by Jack Kirby. You can add a high CGC graded copy for about $700 and an ungraded issue in a lesser condition for $30. This issue comes from the Lee/Kirby duos when they were hitting their full stride.

Okay so if you have some time go to a convention this weekend and buy this issue and all the other characters that appear in GOTG, you can find more information in our Guardians of the Galaxy Character Guide

Good Luck on Your Hunt!