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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Vibe on New Flash TV Series

No it's not the feeling everyone is showing in anticipation of the new series it is an actual character that will appear on the show. Vibe, whose real name is Paco Ramon has already made a guest appearance on Arrow.
 So like we did with Plastique previously, we will take a look at Vibes history in comics and other media so you can go out and hunt down some of his appearances.

Vibe was created by Gene Conway and Chuck Patton, he made his first appearance in Justice League of America Annual #2  which was released in October 1984. I recently picked up a copy in a dollar bin at a local comic convention, well worth it.

First Appearance

Paco Ramon's career as the superhero Vibe began shortly after the original Justice League of America was  disbanded by Aquaman. When Paco heard that a new Justice League was being formed in his own hometown of Detroit, he decided to give up his position as the leader of a local street gang, Los Lobos, to join up. Vibe made the team as a result of his metahuman ability to emit powerful vibratory shock waves.

About Vibe
Vibe placement on the new Justice was put into question early on when his actions resulted in the league fighting a street gang. He would prove himself valuable during many battles including defeating Despero during the Crisis of Infinite Earths.  Vibe was killed after an attack by Professor Ivo's androids during the Legends story-line. The  Martian Manhunter brought Vibe's body back to the League's mountain sanctuary, where Vibe was laid to rest in a cryogenic chamber. However, Paco's dead form was resurrected as a member of the Black Lantern Corps.

Vibe was brought back to life as part of the New 52 and again was a member of the Justice League.

On the Flash
Carlos Valdes portrays Ramon on the Flash as he did in Arrow.
Paco Ramon battling Deathstroke on Arrow

Vibe also made a number of appearances on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon and was part of the toy line. If you have read any of our older posts you know how much we like the JLU line, we have been hunting for a Vibe figure.

So now that you know about Vibe go out and pick up JLA Annual #2 and the 10 issues of his solo comic, which came out in 2013. What are you waiting for?

Good Luck on Your Hunt!