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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Detective Comics #27 - Nabisco Oreo Reprint

We have focused a lot of space on Comic Book Hunter & Gatherers to "Stories of Action Comics #1", which looks at all the different pedigree and reprint copies of Superman's first appearance. We have not spent enough space discussing Batman's first appearance, we had one highly viewed article about The Beauty of Detective Comics #27. We beginning paying the same respect to Batman with this post.

We will look at an early reprint of Detective Comics #27, this version released in 1983 was a giveaway from Nabisco Cookies.
Produced in 1983 as a promotional giveaway for Nabisco's cookies the reprint  measures 6 1/2 X 10 1/4 inches and contains 31 pages of storyline. The cover is almost an exact replica of the original except it say Collectors Edition in the middle and it has FREE in place of the original 10 cent price .  This comic give-away version is rare but if you can hunt one down it will cost $55.00 in Near Mint Condition.

The reprint includes not only the story from the first appearance of Batmanin Detective Comics #27 but also the first appearance of Robin from Detective Comics #38 and first appearance of the Joker from Batman #1. 

The back cover is the final page from Batman #1.

This reprint is highly sought after and extremely rare today. You could have received one back in 1984 for three proofs of purchase from a Nabisco product.
Nabisco ad for Detective Comics #27 giveaway

Good Luck on Your Reprint Hunt!