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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Batman #2 - Golden Age Variant Covers

Today variant covers are common place, each week numerous covers are released for each title. I happen to be a fan of this phenomenon, I like the idea of two or more artists designing a cover.

Back in the Golden Age if comics variants were not done to help sell additional comics, publishers didn't need any gimmicks as they were selling so well on their merit. The existence of a Golden Age cover variant is externally rare.

Batman #2 is a highly sought after comic, the variant versions of the issue is nearly impossible to find, so here is the story.

Released in the summer of 1940, Batman #2 written by Bill Finger with art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson. The issue contains four separate Batman stories which includes the second appearance  of the Joker and Catwoman.

There are three different covers for this issue:

DC Logo/10 cent
The most common, if you can call a Golden Age issue of a comic common, has the DC logo on it and  price is 10 cents, this issue sells today for over $35,000 in CGC grade 9.8 less for lower grades (obviously). A CGC 3.5 is currently up or auction at Comic Connect, your chance to own a copy.

No DC Logo/ 10 cents
The first variant is also a .10 cover price but is missing the DC logo is the left corner. We did not find any copies of this version graded or for sale.

DC Logo/15 cent
This is the rarest of the three covers, we are not sure why this cover was priced at 15 cents, 10 cent covers would be the norm in comics until 1963 when the price went up to 12 cents. This issue is nearly impossible to find, we did not find any for sale. Most likely it is a Canadian version but this has not been confirmed.
If you have or see a copy of this issue send us some more information about it

So now you can start hunting or these issues and sell your car to pay for them. If you would like to add to this story please share in the comments section below.
Good Luck on Your Hunt!