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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Action Comics #1 - USPS Reprint

In previous posts we have looked at other reprints of Action Comics #1 you can view these in our "Stories of Action Comics #1". This post looks at the 1998 United States Postal Service reprint of  Action Comics #1.

This reprint was issued by the US Postal Service on September 10th 1998, to coincide with the release day of the Golden Age Superman commemarative Stamp. The stamp is affixed to a special cover overlay, and cancelled in Cleveland Ohio, home of the creators of Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster.

This reprint consisted of all 52 pages from the original release of Action Comics #1. The back cover contains  an advertisement for DC comic stamps.

It was originally sold for $7.95 but today prices are range from $50 to a couple of hundred for a CGC high grade copy.

If you can find one of these reprints for a reasonable price by all means buy it. This reprint continues to increase in price.
CGC Graded 9.8

Good Luck on Your Hunt!