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Friday, August 8, 2014

Ode' to the Spinner Rack

Those of you who have either been collecting for many years, that's me or have visited older comic shops still in business have certainly bought comics from a spinner rack.  When I was young the local drug store by me had one so in my early days as a hunter almost all my comic finds came from spinner racks. Spinner racks helped build generations of comic book collectors, it was hard to resist with so many comics at your finger tips just waiting to be spun around. Plus they have these cool advertisements up top.

This is what the top of the spinner rack in my local store looked like and I used this message to manipulate my parents into buying me comics each week. All I had to say was I'll be reading isn't that a good thing, Boom comics. Loved how there was such a mix of characters three big guns, Superman,  Spider-Man and Archie then throw in Richie Rich. I guess he was there to subliminally make us want to spend more money, good play retailers, good play indeed.

There was also this direct call out to kids. How could you resist.

This one was my favorite as I am a big DC comics fan but it bothered me when I saw a marvel comic on them. DC felt spinner racks were so important that they created the go-go checkered covers to help attract would be buyers to their comics. See an example below.

Why did I spend a whole post on spinner racks and what does it have to do with hunting comics. Wel first it is how many of us older hunters first hunted, second I think everyone, if they have the room should own one. They can be found for about $100, I am still looking for one so they hard to find. They bring back a sort of nostalgia that nothing else can. So go get yourself a spinner rack and display your favorite comics on it, you will not regret it.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!