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Friday, August 15, 2014

Batman #1 - Bob Kane File Copy

If you have been reading Comic Book Hunters & Gatherers you know that we have spent a lot of space looking at the big three comics, Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #27 , and Amazing Fantasy #15. Outside this trinity of most valuable, sought after comic book is up for debate. It could be Captain America Comics #1 or possible Superman #1 or the issue we look at in this post Batman #1. You can interject your opinion below in our comments. Today it's all about Batman #1.
Back cover of Batman #1

Published in April of 1940 less then a year after Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27, Batman was given his own title because of his increasing popularity. Now fans could read about his adventures twice a month. Like Detective Comics, Batman was led by the creative team of Bob Kane and Bill Finger.  The significance of Batman #1 is it is the first appearance of not one but two of Batmans most important villians. Batman #1 is the first appearance of the Joker and Catwoman. The main reason I put it at number four own the list.
Catwomans first appearance 

The monumental issue usually sells for big money, a mint copy is valued at $125,000. Two years ago a CGC graded 9.2 sold for over $800,000. Many believe it could be the next comic to break a million bucks.
The Jokers first appearance

The Bob Kane/DC Comics File Copy
Currently ComicConnect, the worlds best online comic auction house, has the copy if Batman #1 used for reference by Bob Kane and DC comics. The low grade given to the issue is a result of it being included in a bound volume at DC offices.

This issue comes from Batman creator Bob Kanes personal collection. Mr. Kane later gifted his bound volumes to DC comics which they used as their file copy. So what does this bound file copy all mean? Basically this is the specific copy of Batman #1 used first by Bob Kane as a reference pointnfor future work and then held in the DC files as a reference for all later Batman creators. it also means that because it was in a bound volume for so many years it retained much of its color. This copy is all sorts of cool, it was used by Bob Kane the creator and then possible by everyone who worked on Batman for many years after Mr. Kane. It is a one of a kind copy.

This unique copy is up at auction till the end of August, if you have a couple of extra thousand dollars it can be yours. Bidding can by done at ComicConnect Batman # 1 Bob Kane Copy.

If you win it let us know we will do a piece on you, we can be reached at

Good Luck on Your Hunt!