Saturday, August 2, 2014

Action Comics #1 - Nestlé 1987 Reprint

Following the success of their 1984 Giveaway Nestles Quick again had a reprint of Action Comics #1 produced, this version has a .50 price in a black box on the cover instead of the original .10 pricing, the rest of the cover looks exactly the same as the original. Many confuse the two reprints,
The back cover is the same as the 1983 Nestlé Quick reprint.

No solid pricing could be found on this reprint, many other site wrongly have it pictured as the 1983 version, we are guessing a mint copy will cost about $150. We also could not find any graded versions.

This reprint was created to coincide with the release of Superman meets the Nestle Quick Bunny comic crossover, which was given away with the reprint. You can easily find a copy of the great team-up for between $2 and $10.

If you have copy of this particular Action Comics #1 reprint or would like to share a story of hunting success please email us

You can view our Stories of Action Comics #1 to learn about other reprints and important copies of the first appearance of Superman.

Good Luck on Your Action Comics #1Hunt!

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