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Friday, August 8, 2014

Marvel Comics #1 - The Start of Mighty Marvel Comics

The powerhouse that has become Marvel Comics all started with a single comic released in October of 1939. The comic titled Marvel Comics #1 would feature two of its most popular early characters, The Human Torch (not from the Fantastic Four but seen in Captain America) and the Submariner ( why hasn't he had a movie yet).

The comic was published by Martin Goodman who was looking to profit from the popularity of comic books it featured the first appearance on the Human Torch and the Submariner along with some content from Funnies, Inc which had Ben previously published. Stories included Ka-Zar the Great, the Masked Raider and the Angel.

Human Torch Easter Egg in Captain America 

Marvel Comics #1 quickly sold out 80,000 copies, so Goodman quickly produce a second printing, this one is cover-dated November 1939 and identical to the first printing except for a black bar in the inside-front-cover indicia over the October date, and the November date added at the end. The second print sold  approximately 800,000 copies. Goodman knew he had a hit and could make more money by producing more comics so he built Timely Comics up by assembling an in-house staff, hiring Funnies, Inc. writer-artist Joe Simon, Jack Kirby and Syd Shores.  

The comic is valued at around $420,000 for a high CGC graded copy and lesser copies for about $20,000, ComicConnect sold a 3.0 for $19,000 in a recent auction. These copies are primarily second printing version , very few first printings are known to exist. This issue is extremely undervalued considering its importance.

I would truly like to just see a copy of this historic issue, Marvel Comics #1 was the first brick to be set in place to build Marvel comics, they even would in time name the company after this issue. It should hold a place in every comic collectors heart and if you can afford it, in your collection.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!