Friday, July 18, 2014

Action Comics #1 - Safeguard Soap Reprint

We have looked at a number of the better know copies of Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman. If you missed any of our previous posts you can view them HERE.
Most of these copies are wayyyyy out of most of our price range, unless you want to sell your home and buy a low grade. Do not dispare there are reprints that will not cost you as much of your hard earned cash.

The first reprint edition we will look at is the Safeguard Soap version. It came out in 1976, it was a promotional giveaway and the only way to get a copy of this limited edition issue was to mail in 3 proofs of purchase from 3 Bath Size Safeguard soap packages. This was a very limited print run. The fact that it could only be obtained through the mail mean that getting a mint copy was difficult, the postal service wasn't as good back then. Il. We started the reprint version of "stories of Action Comics #1" because this version is very hard to find as most people did not send away for it, I was only 4 so I blame my parents.

So how can you spot a Safeguard reprint? The cover looks exactly the same the original, same date. Insead of .10 cover price this version includes a black box that says " Free when you buy 3 bath size Safeguard." The bottom says "Reprint of first Superman feature" . It is also important to note that the cover is made of newspaper type paper, and it only includes the Superman story. The back cover shows a safeguard soap ad.

You can get a copy of this reprint for about $200, graded mint 9.0'amd above will cost you about $1,500, much more manageable then $2,000,000.

So get to hunting this and any other reprint you can find down. We will look at some of the others in future posts.

Good Luck on Your Hunt!

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